Benefits to Management

UC-School is a highly Agile and collaborative school/college management software, that helps any institution improve the operational efficiency, reduce overall cost and empower the management staff, teachers, students and the parents with right information at right time, so that they can act upon it effectively.

    Introducing UC-School will not only ease the operation and functioning of your schools, but

    • It will also improve the efficiency by saving your institution time and money in both the short and long terms.

    Reduce Paper Costs:

    • Schools run on paper.
    • From student files to applications to report cards, paper is major expense that most educational institutions struggle with.
    • This gives the schools and colleges a great potential to save thousands on paper alone and makes them eco-friendly to boot.

    Reduce Employee Hours:

    • Automation reduces working hours.
    • If you’re relying on hourly employees to do the tasks that have now been computerised, let UC-School do the heavy lifting.
    • Save money on overtime, benefits and salary by switching to UC-School.

    Reduce Meeting Time:

    • No educational institution can function without regular meetings.
    • UC-School provides streamlined communication system so that parents, teachers and administrators can all work together – while saving the time spent for face-to-face meetings.

Benefits to Teachers

The UC-School management ERP software system helps teachers focus more on the academic tasks and less on the time-consuming administrative works.

  • Ultimate attendance and class management system
  • Tracks the detailed history of performance of a student.
  • Manages student’s assessment as well as analytical report.
  • Maintains examination results, assignments, projects and forums.
  • Improves the quality of interaction between Students, Parents and Teachers.
  • Automatically generated assessment report of a student helps the teachers to guide their student effectively.
  • Teachers can spend more time with students in order to accelerate the academic performances of the students.

Benefits to Parents And Students

Both, the parents and the students can be in touch with the school management as well as the teaching staffs which enables the parents and the students to get the necessary information from their respective school at any time from anywhere and which helps the students to come off with flying colors.

  • Active participation in the school activities.
  • Online submission of homework, assignments and projects.
  • Enhanced interaction with the teachers and the school management.
  • Timely updates of circular, blog, news, discussion forums & photo gallery.
  • Get detailed school event as well as holiday list through UC-School calendar.
  • Regular instant update on children's behaviour, attendance percentage, progress and fee payment.

Why UC-School

The UC-School ERP software for the modern school system is a user-friendly as well as a comprehensive cloud-based software system which helps you to run your educational institution smartly as well as productively.