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Admin portal of UC-School ERP software

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What do you think is the reason why we call UC-School the best School ERP software? This is because we offer modules like nobody else in the market. Our modules cover all the important aspects of running an educational institution such as online admission, academic management, communication, student, employee and many more.

Take a look at a few highlights of these features of the admin portal of UC-School 

  1. Communication

Can you imagine a module that can handle all your email, SMS, push notifications and portal to portal messages in one place? Our communication module unifies these modes of communication and allows you to easily send emails, SMS, push notifications and portal to portal messages to various stakeholders such as teachers, students, parents, and others, along with sending messages to individuals. Moreover, communication can also be done within a specified set of groups that can be easily created within this module. So, the messages put forward here will be sent only to these group members.

  1. Online Admission

Conducting the admission process is one of the most complex tasks that schools have to go through. The admission process begins with providing application forms, shortlisting the applicants who meet the basic criteria and then conducting the interview process for judging the applicants’ soft skills, general knowledge and various other criteria. This happens in a system where the physical presence of teachers, parents and students is required, along with maintenance of paper-based documentation.

This is where online admission module, of UC-School, which is the best School ERP software, plays a crucial role in automating and unifying the entire admission process by way of enabling online admission forms, tracking admission status online, timely and instant notifications of the admission status and date of the interview round. This facilitates parents and students to fill applications from a place and time of their convenience.

  1. Student

This module helps your institution to unify all the student-related data by allowing the admin to view the total students in all grades, add new students, manage details of current students, make the students active or de-active, set the leave types, generate transfer certificate, create log category for defining the overall performance of the student and also to change the login credentials of parent and student portals.

  1. Employee

Our ‘Employee’ module facilitates the admin to view the total number of employee based on the department to which they belong to and their designation. New employee can be added, current employee details can be managed, leave types, grades, departments, designations can be set and the login credentials of teachers’ portals can be changed. Moreover, teachers can be assigned to various subjects and grades of the institution.

  1. Academic Management

Setting up the various grades and subjects in an institution can become a faster process using our ‘Academic Management’ module. Academic management is a module which is very handy in creating new grades, adding subjects to these grades, assigning the subjects to these grades and much more. There is also the option of deactivating a grade and also viewing the previous year grades and sections.

Now that you have looked into some of the admin portal features that we offer, you must be convinced about why UC-School is the best school ERP software. UC-School ensures the running of an educational institution in an organized and flexible manner, and at the same time, to go completely digital by reducing the dependency on paper.

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