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Advantages of a paid live streaming solution

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Most of the institutions across the world have now adopted to new and technologically upgraded methods of providing education to students in this coronavirus pandemic. This is due to the fact that there are lockdowns imposed in many countries, due to which students are unable to attend daily classes in person. The most immediate solution which schools are now adopting is the implementation of free live streaming solutions such as Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

Why should you go for a paid live streaming solution and not a free one?

The main problem that arises with a free live-streaming solution is the fact that these platforms handle many user databases at any given single point of time. Because of the massive amount of user-base and bandwidth issues, the quality of the video gets affected most of the time and the entire purpose of conducting online classes gets haywire.

In addition to this, most of the free live streaming solutions do not have the provision of having in-built learning tools such as digital whiteboard, video recording feature, etc.

So, why should your educational institution opt for a paid live streaming solution and not a free one? Let’s find out!

Advantages of opting for a paid live streaming solution

The most amazing benefit of opting for a paid live-streaming solution is that your institution can get it extremely customized from the service provider as per your requirements. Moreover, integrations can happen with the software currently being used by the educational institution such as school management / school ERP software or LMS (Learning Management System), etc.

These advantages are discussed below –

  1. Easy customization

Paid live streaming solution providers, such as UC-School, can make customisations as per the needs of the educational institution. This feature is seldom available in free streaming alternatives available in the market at present.


  1. Virtual Whiteboard

Worried about the flexibility of writing notes, formulas, drawing, etc. that a physical blackboard/whiteboard offers? No worries, since paid live streaming solutions have a built-in virtual whiteboard which functions in a similar style just like the physical blackboard/whiteboard.


  1. Set limit on number of participants per session

Some of the free live streaming platforms often have pre-defined limits on the number of participants. When you take the route of choosing a paid streaming platform, then the solution provider can take some steps, if required, to increase or decrease the limit on the number of participants per session as per the institutional requirements.


  1. Chat set up

Emerging live streaming platforms such as UC-School, offer the add-on of ‘Chat’ feature using which students and teachers can chat in real-time, when the session is getting conducted. This feature enables teachers and students to get their doubts clarified immediately regarding any aspect of the subject being taught in the virtual classroom.


  1. Integrations

This is one huge advantage that paid live streaming solution providers like UC-School offer, which overpowers the popularity and dominance of free alternatives available in the market. Suppose if a school wants to integrate a part of their school management software to the live streaming solution or if they are using LMS (Learning Management System), then UC-School can do so by way of the integrating these software systems with the live streaming platform that they are providing.


In this way, educational institutions need to make a wise and informed decision with regard to choosing the best live streaming solution for conducting virtual classes for their students.

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