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How can AI benefit the education system?

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Artificial Intelligence is gaining prominence by the day, with every major function being simplified and automated through this amazing technology. AI is playing a huge role in transforming the way education is being imparted to students, irrespective of their language or learning pace. Take an example of the integration of the school information management system with AI. The key activities that every educational institution performs include admission, examination, attendance, stakeholder management, fees, and various other inter-related activities and these can be performed in a much better and efficient manner when artificial intelligence comes into the picture.

What role does AI play in bolstering the education system?

There is a lot of scope for AI to encourage growth and increase the efficiency of the present education system. This is due to the fact that this technology has the ability to analyse how the child’s brain works, such as his/her line of thinking, memory retention capacity, level of understanding of subject matter, etc. which can be tracked with the help of AI-backed school information management system and based on this, the child can get to study subjects that best suit these aspects of the brain.

The above-given example has explored into just one possibility of the role of AI in enhancing the education system. There are many such possibilities and these include –

  1. Making Administrative tasks simple

Now administrative tasks such as admission, fees, stakeholder management, and others get highly automated and quicker due to the amazing speed and automation ensured due to these AI-enabled systems. The number of hours spent on performing each one of these activities gets reduced to a very large extent.

  1. Providing access to quality education

Gone are the days when very few people had access to quality education. It is now possible for people in every nook and corner of the world to get a chance to watch and learn things that they wouldn’t have been able to do earlier, all with the help of AI-powered automated tools and technologies. 

  1. Customized education system

Can education be a rigid and undefined process? Absolutely not! In fact in today’s rapidly changing needs and requirements, it essential for the education system to adapt itself to every change that it comes across. For example, based on the current syllabus set-up by any given university, the AI system can be used to modify the syllabus instantly.

  1. Personalization

Every person has a different line of thinking and cognitive ability. It is here that the rigidity in pedagogical methods can be eliminated by introducing an AI system that monitors the students based on these parameters. School information management system’s student module can be integrated with AI and can prove to be beneficial in this regard.

  1. Voice Assistants

Nowadays, voice assistants are present in most almost all devices, thereby reducing the need for physically handling or enquiring for something that people do not know about. It’s no wonder when this amazing opportunity is grabbed by integrations between technologies such as school information management system and AI virtual assistants.

Industries such as manufacturing, transport, logistics, finance and now even education are getting completely transformed using AI-enabled technologies. In fact, the penetration of artificial intelligence is so much in the field of education is so much that people are increasingly moving towards encouraging efforts by way of adopting elementary and higher education courses as well as professional learning courses that are powered by these intelligent AI systems.

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