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Attendance Management and Tracking Students Activity Using UC-School

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School management software has encouraged schools to run in a paper-free environment. Institutions across the world have totally eliminated the use of paper in their routine activities, which in turn promotes eco-friendliness. The main activities for which paperwork is required in schools include-

  • Attendance
  • Marks cards
  • Student documents
  • Personal details of all stakeholders
  • Fee receipts
  • Payslip

How does UC-School help in managing attendance and tracking students activity?  

Attendance management, when done using paper-based registers, is a time-consuming and tedious activity. Teachers mark the students as present or absent on the attendance register. Even teachers need to sign on the employee attendance register every day, to show their presence or absence.

Imagine the level of manipulation and mistakes which can happen in this process. Such things not only happen in attendance management, but also in the case of tracking students’ academic and non-academic activities. Teachers and parents find it very difficult at times to track the progress of each and every student when the data is kept in a paper-based format.

This is where school management software like UC-School comes in handy. UC-School, which is one of the top school management software, offers humongous advantages to teachers as well as parents. The information related to attendance and students is stored in a safer manner using UC-School software. The different ways in which UC-School provides benefits to the stakeholders of a school include –

  1. Alerts to parents

As soon as teachers mark the students as present or absent, parents will be immediately alerted about the same on their portals. Hence, when an institution uses top school management software like UC-School, parents will be assured of their child’s presence or absence thereby ensuring their safety.

  1. Mark the students as tardy

Without using top school management software like UC-School, it is not at all possible to mark the presence of those students who come late to the class. UC-School has a feature called ‘Mark tardy’ that facilitates teachers in marking the students as tardy so that they do not face the problem of frequently having attendance shortage.

  1. Teachers’ attendance maintenance

Now teachers need not have to worry as to how they can regularly monitor their own attendance status. By using UC-School software the teachers need to just login to the employee portal, where they can view the attendance status as present, absent, on-duty, half-day duty and late comer.

  1. Better access to past records

With the help of UC-School, which is a top school management software, teachers, parents, students and the admin can have regular access to the attendance records of students, regardless of the month or date for the current academic year, since the data is stored safely on the cloud server.

  1. Eliminates manipulation of data

In case of paper-based attendance registers, there is a high risk of doing mistakes and also manipulation. But when top school management software like UC-School, is used by schools for handling attendance, any change made to the data already entered into the software can be easily tracked by the admin or other stakeholders, which reduces chances of manipulation.

  1. Track progress of academic and non-academic activities

It is now possible for parents, teachers and students to properly track the academic and non-academic activities of the students by using UC-School. The academic activities which can be tracked by the relevant stakeholders include marks scored by students in the exams on an individual basis, the rankings as compared to the whole class, assignments, projects, etc. Non-academic activities include co-curricular and extra-curricular accomplishments, the information of which will be shared on the portals of all the relevant stakeholders of a school.

Schools need to realise the importance of implementing UC-School, which is one of the top school management software, for the purpose of handling attendance and tracking student-related activities in a more professional, accountable and reliable manner.