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Benefits of an Open day at School

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School is a place where there must constant interaction between students, parents, teachers and the management staff. Such kind of interaction happens usually on a day called ‘Open Day’/ ‘Open house’, which gives an opportunity for parents to know what is happening in the institution.

On the day when ‘Open house’ is conducted, parents can talk to the teachers, get to know what is being taught in the class, the teaching methodology being used, the performance of their child and changes being made to the existing curriculum. This is extremely important for parents to assess the efforts being made by the school for educating and training their children for becoming successful individuals in the future.

Why should parents make it a point to visit an open day at school?

Most of the time, parents tend to miss out on going to the open day that is being held in the school where their child is studying. This is an incredible opportunity that parents lose because an open day will help parents to know a lot of things from teachers regarding the school as well as their child. Some important things which parents should keep in mind while attending an open day meeting in school include –

  1. Interact with teachers

The open day gives the perfect opportunity for parents to talk to teachers. Such kind of interaction gives an impression that the parent is concerned about the education being given to the child in the school that would ultimately mould him into a knowledgeable and good individual.

  1. Changes being made to the curriculum

Parents should make sure that they ask the teachers about the present curriculum being taught to the students in the class, when open day is held in the school. Also, if there any changes that are made to the existing curriculum, the information needs to be passed on to the parents on this occasion.

  1. Enquire about pedagogy

Pedagogy refers to the theory and practice of education and how it influences the growth of learners that is the students. It is extremely important for parents to enquire about the pedagogy methods being used by teachers, since it shows how quickly children could grasp the concepts being taught.

  1. Bring important issues to light

When schools conduct an open day, parents get the perfect opportunity to communicate about important issues with teachers. For example, Parents can give suggestions to teachers as to how they should effectively deal with the students, in order to make them understand what is being taught in the class and other such related school issues.

  1. Get to know about your child’s performance

Parents get to know about their child’s academic and non-academic performance in the class from the teachers on an open day. It is extremely important for teachers to explain to the parents where their child stands from amongst other students in the class, so that appropriate steps are taken for further improvement.

  1. Actively participate in the school’s various initiatives

Schools should encourage parents to come to the open day that is organised by them. This is because it gives out a chance to parents to put forth their views and opinions on various matters surrounding the school’s management and new initiatives that are being undertaken.

  1. School software

The time and date of the open day can be communicated to the parents by the school using school software. The discussions that happen during open day need to be well documented and the same needs to be shared with the parents via school software portals.

Therefore, in order to make the open day a successful and meaningful gathering; parents, teachers and students must come together, co-operate and communicate in the best possible manner during this occasion.