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5 Best Positive Behaviour Ideas for Students in Classroom

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In today’s new-age classroom, we find many different types of students, all of whom are unique in their kind. The various types or categories of students as per commonly used terms to describe them include –

  • The studious student

    – Such students make sure that they pay attention to what is being taught in class and thereby put their full focus on retaining whatever they have learnt in class in order to score well in the examination as well as fulfilling the thirst to learn new things and good knowledge.

  • The distracted student

    – These kinds of students purposely ignore what is being taught in class since they find the subjects being taught very boring or they might not be interested in studying at all. Some of the other reasons as to why they might be distracted will be that the student could be going through some personal or emotional crisis, as result of which paying attention in class is the last thing in their minds.

  • Students with Attention-deficit disorder

    – There might be a set of students who face the problem of having ‘Attention-deficit disorder’ or ‘Hyperactivity disorder’. In this case, the students tend to be very hyperactive and their minds are very much occupied with things other than what is being taught in class like playing, talking, etc.

  • The tech-savvy student

    – In today’s tech-savvy age, most of the students are so addicted to technology that they carry their gadgets like mobiles, tablets or music players to the class. This compels the student to check their notifications on their mobiles, chat with friends on social media, play games, listen to music, etc. because of which they do not pay attention to the subject being taught by the teacher in the classroom.

The student is expected to behave in a certain way in the classroom, which might be a pre-defined set of rules for proper behaviour or it might also be an outcome of the inculcated and innate values which the student gets from his/her parents and/or teachers.

Some of the best positive ways in which a student can be well-behaved in class,

  • Be quiet

    – Students are expected to be very quiet and they should also stand up as soon as the teacher enters the class in order to show respect to the teacher. As soon as the teacher starts teaching the particular subject, the students should avoid getting distracted and must not talk to any of their friends or peers, since it is considered very bad behaviour to talk when the class is going on.

  • Take notes –

    The students should make sure that they pay attention to whatever the teacher says and instructs. They should also take down notes of what the teacher explains that particular subject since it is very important to write the points which have been understood. Because only when notes are written down, that the student will get an idea of what he/she has not understood and thereby, the student not only must but should ask the doubts which he/she has about the topic to the teacher.

  • Participate in the class discussion –

    If any discussion about a particular topic is encouraged by the teacher, the students should come forward and put into light their views, opinions and ideas about the topic. Such participation in interactive discussions helps the students to become more confident and this helps them to develop elocution skills and thereby a good command over their language.

  • Avoid using mobiles or other gadgets –

    Some students might be very much addicted to mobile phones and other things digital. As a result, students will be tempted to use mobile phones even in the classroom. The usage of mobile phones during class hours is a sign of very bad behaviour and also shows a lack of respect to the teacher. Hence, students should avoid using mobile phones in class.

  • Complete the assignment given by the teacher –

    In case if the teacher gives some assignment to be done in the class, then the student must complete the assignment in the classroom itself and should not delay in doing it. They should not use the time allotted by the teacher for doing the assignment to do any other work apart from the one given by the teacher.

 So, how does UC-School ERP software establish a connection with the behaviour of students?

UC-School ERP software, which is the top school ERP software, has a module which enables the teacher to send information about the students’ behaviour to the parents. This feature helps the parents to keep an eye on their kid’s behaviour, so that the necessary actions can be taken to correct them, in case if any complaint arises about the student from the teacher.