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Interfacing Bio-Metric Systems with UC-School Software – Benefits

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Traditionally, schools are more used to taking attendance in the form of roll-call, which is the process of calling out a list of names to establish who is present. This trend still exists in most of the schools across India. Technology has been offering so many solutions for the centralized storage and the tracking of attendance data of students as well as teachers, to schools since the past many years.

Bio-metric system is one such solution by which a person can be uniquely identified by assessing the individual’s fingerprints. Fingerprint biometrics has existed for thousands of years. For instance, the clay potters of East Asia used to put their fingerprints on the pots for the purpose of establishing their individual craftsmanship skills, that is, in order to “distinguish themselves from other potters”.

Why the Bio-Metric system has become the need of the hour?

The concept of unique identification is what biometric system is all about. There are a number of templates of fingerprints which are taken in advance and these are easily identified by the biometric system when the person places his fingerprint on the sensor. As soon as a person places his fingerprint, the biometric sensor immediately recognizes the unique ridges and valleys present on the person’s fingerprint. Ridges and valleys present in a fingerprint are unique to each and every individual and it helps in identifying these individuals from a whole group. This is exactly what makes the bio-metric system more accurate, safe and reliable.

Apart from attendance tracking, bio-metric can also be used to generate payroll reports of employees of schools and reduces the use of paper-based registers, which in turn will promote eco-friendliness.

UC School provides bio-metric integration along with its school management software.

Bio-metric integration by UC School provides many benefits such as:-

  • Centralised working hour management

    The data of students and teachers’ attendance is stored in a central database using biometrics. As soon as the student or teacher places his fingerprint on the biometric sensor, the data which includes the time of reporting and the time of exit gets immediately updated into the system and gets stored in the database, which thereby promotes a centralized working hour management system.

  • Accuracy

    The data stored using the biometric system is more accurate and reliable since the fingerprints are unique to each and every individual. This helps in providing precise attendance and payroll data, with no chances of manipulation. On the other hand, paper-based data can be easily manipulated.

  • Accessibility

    The details of each and every student and employee can be easily accessed using biometric system. There is no chance of loss of data, since the data of these students and employees are stored in the cloud via bio-metric integration. Storing data in the cloud enables easy accessibility of such data anytime and anywhere by the respective users.

  • Reduces reliability on passwords and magnetic strips

    Traditional passwords and magnetic cards have the tendency to be forgotten or lost. Fingerprints are very reliable since individuals have them at all times and hence it is not possible for them to be forgotten or lost.

  • Reduces the use of paper 

    Bio-metric system does not require the use of paper since it only relies on the person’s fingerprints and all the data is stored in the cloud. This, in turn, promotes eco-friendliness in the school campus.

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 Schools need to be more adaptive to the various changes happening in the world of technology, so as to be more efficient and responsive, in order to make their presence felt and also to distinguish themselves amongst the various schools existing at present. Schools can therefore enjoy numerous benefits, as stated above, using bio-metric system and become digital, in terms of running the institute.