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Why should you choose LMS for your institution?

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The current COVID-19 situation has forced educational institutions across the globe to adopt to the latest technology in the educational sector. Some of these EdTech technologies include virtual classroom, LMS (Learning management system), live streaming and many others.

Another challenge which the COVID-19 situation has brought about is the elimination of paper-based books, study material, etc. This is where EdTech plays an important role in transferring the entire paper-back study material in a digital format. Apart from this, there are many benefits which come along with Learning management system that will help educational institutions to adjust to this new form of imparting education in a faster and more efficient way.

Why should you choose LMS for your educational institution?

There are many reasons as to why LMS needs to be chosen for your educational institution. Some of these reasons  include –

  1. Teach from anywhere

With an LMS as powerful as UC-LMS, teachers can deliver their lectures to students from wherever they are located. This is enabled by the ‘Live streaming’ feature which helps in connecting with many students at a time. This helps in eliminating geographical boundaries and promoting social distancing.

  1. Tracking the progress of students

UC-LMS enables teachers to keep a proper track of the progress of students in different classes and on the basis of various parameters such as individual scores, comparison with other student scores, subjects, etc. In addition to this, teachers can prepare reports for the same with the help of the LMS.

  1. Study Material Upload

Time to move on from paper-back textbooks to digital e-books with UC-LMS! Teachers can now upload all the study material for various subjects and classes, with ease using UC-Learning management system. It is highly encouraged to use e-books in place of paper-back textbooks in this period of COVID-19.

  1. On-demand access to study material

Once the teachers upload the study material on the UC-LMS portal, students can get immediate access and download the same on their systems. Such form of quick upload and download fosters good learning habits amongst students.

  1. Recording lectures

Lectures that are conducted by teachers using UC-LMS’s Live Streaming feature can be recorded as well. This is a very useful feature wherein students who might either miss the session or those who would like to go through the entire lecture once again can do so using this recording feature in UC-Learning Management system.

The best way to combat COVID-19 is to go completely digital and become extremely efficient in the process of providing quality education to students. Adopt to a virtual classroom mode! Get UC-LMS now!

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