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Why should you choose UC-School from a pool of school software?

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School software has revolutionized education and has resulted in the introduction of technology for managing day-to-day processes of educational institutions. For meeting the increasing demand of good quality and comprehensive school management software from institutions, many software development companies have come up with school software.

Why UC-School?

UC-School provides a one-of-a-kind comprehensive set of modules, covering every aspect of running an educational institution. The features being offered UC-Software result in complete digitization and automation of the institutions. This enables them to work in a highly efficient, flexible and paperless environment. UC-School comes with immense features and benefits that set it apart from other competitors in the market. Some of these features include –

#1. Flexible customization

Most school software are not very customizable. Whatever they offer, schools need to just implement the features, with no change being made as per the institutional requirements. But that is not the case with UC-School, which provides a high level of flexible customization to clients. Clients are given customization options like making changes to the existing modules, adding a new module, etc. catering to their unique needs and requirements.

#2. 24X7 customer support

One of the key barriers in the process of good quality school software provision is the lack of skilled and effective customer representatives in the company. In this case, UC-School is a trend-setter and has disrupted the routine functioning of the school software market by way of offering top quality, 24X7 customer support services to its clients, seldom provided by other competitors in the market.

 #3. Unlimited Storage of data

With the advent of cloud being used as the software storage system by most software development companies, school software is no stranger to the cloud architecture. UC-School which is a cloud based school software, enables institutions to store data of all kinds in one place without the fear of data loss. Moreover, storage of data on the cloud facilitates users to access the information anytime, anywhere.

 #4. Reduced Paper consumption

Paper is one of the major expenses incurred by educational institutions mainly for generating attendance, hall tickets, notices, reminders, question papers, marks cards, fee receipts, feedback forms and much more. Imagine the level of paperwork that would be reduced when best school information management software like UC-School is used as a means of storing digital documents. This switch-over from physical to digital documents will ultimately prove to be beneficial to the institutions in the long run. 

#5. Mobile Interface

Mobile apps are now present for every service and school erp software is no stranger to this. Schools now expect school software companies to offer them mobile apps with a good user interface, adaptability to mobile phones of all sizes, embedding of all features of the software in the app and at the same time, bearing a strong resemblance to the UI and UX of the desktop application of the school software. UC-School’s mobile app is seamless and highly interactive with all the features mentioned above present in the app for the clients’ use.

Hence, all the above mentioned unique features set UC-School apart from other competitors in the market. Schools must consider choosing the best school erp software such as UC-School from the list of various school software providers.