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Why should We Choose a Cloud-Based School Management Software?

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School management software helps in running an educational institution in a very organized and professional manner. It helps in automating the various administrative and non-administrative tasks in an institution.

There are different types of school management software which are available in the market. They are mainly of two types –online (cloud-based) software and offline based software. Offline school management software is not beneficial mainly because they are very costly, less flexible, have low security and might result in loss of data. Cloud-based online school management software, on the other hand, is much safer and beneficial as compared to offline software.

In a cloud-based software, all the functions and departments of an educational institution come under one roof.  The information relating to these various functions and departments can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need.

Benefits of Cloud-Based School Softwares

1) Easily Adaptable and Flexible System

 The cloud is fluid and can easily expand and contract. When the institution wants to add some information or delete some unwanted information, a cloud-based platform helps in performing this activity effortlessly. This flexibility is one of the main reasons why most of the educational institutions are switching to cloud-based school management software.  

The flexibility of the cloud can be better explained using the example of a rubber band. Suppose you have a dozen pens and a rubber band with you. Then you probably have to fold the rubber band into the half. But if you were to hold say, fifty pens then you might have to stretch the rubber band so that all the pens are held together with the help of the same rubber band.

That is exactly how flexible cloud-based software is. We can also consider a similar scenario in an educational institution, where some new students or teachers might join the institution at some point of time. In such a case, the data of these newly joined students and teachers can be easily added to the existing database of students and teachers at any point of time and this new data gets immediately stored in the cloud. In other words, any sort of information can be easily updated without any hassle and this updated information gets stored in the cloud automatically.

2) Avoids the Usage of Paper

A lot of space is needed to store files if those are maintained in a paper-based format. In cloud-based software, all the data is stored in the cloud and there is no need to have a separate physical room to keep the data.

Using cloud-based software is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of running an educational institution. The use of paper, one of the major expenses incurred by any institution, can be reduced or even eliminated by using such software. It also helps teachers to focus more on providing good quality education to the students rather than doing additional work apart from teaching.

Information about students can be accessed by the teachers anytime it is required by them since the data which is stored in the cloud is easily accessible by the respective users. They need not have to look into the various paper-based files since all data is stored under one platform, that is, in the cloud. 

3) Increases the Productivity of the Employees

 Cloud-based school management software reduces the time spent by the staff in performing the various administrative activities like admission, payroll, collecting fees, library, inventory, timetable, hostel and various other tasks. A single person, who has control over the admin portal of the cloud software, can easily manage and allocate to the respective staff all the work relating to these activities in an efficient manner.

4) Easy Accessing Facility 

The best part about using a cloud-based school management software is that the user doesn’t need to understand the technical aspects of cloud computing.  Rather if the user just understands how to access the interface and knows how to do the various configurations provided by the software, it is more than enough for the easy handling and use of the software.

5) High-end Data Protection

 Security and data protection is one of the major advantages which cloud-based school management software offers. The data stored in a cloud is well protected and secure. There is no risk of losing data. In a traditional paper-based environment or even in an offline software, there is a very high risk of losing data since the data once gone, cannot be recovered again. But if data is stored in a cloud, there is no chance of losing it. Data protection is an inherent feature which is provided by cloud service providers. Only the users have access to the data and hence there is no chance of misuse of data by any third party.

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Past data is also stored securely in the cloud and can be easily accessed at any point of time in the future when it is required by the management. For example, the data of any previous academic year or data of an alumnus can be easily accessed using cloud-based school management software anytime.

6) Amicable Installation system with Affordable Price

The price and installation charges of cloud-based school management software are usually very affordable and budget-friendly. Educational institutions can save a lot of money by investing in such software and the amount of money saved can be allocated by the institution for various other purposes.

By being able to perform all the tasks quickly using the cloud-based platform, the educational institutions can adapt to any change very easily without any complexity. This evolution to cloud-based school management software can totally change the way in which the educational institutions provide their services to the students, teachers as well as parents.