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Is Competition Necessary in Student’s Life?

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Competition is a very important aspect of life, no matter which field you are in. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, working professional or an entrepreneur. Competition exists in all fields. Without competition, things become repetitive and uninteresting. Where there is competition, there is scope for learning, achieving success, comparison, finding your strengths and weaknesses as well as developing amazing strategies essential for the growth of you as an individual. Without being competitive, you cannot even think of reaching your life’s goals.

The one place where competition is at its extreme exists among students. Be it school or college, competition is present in all forms in the lives of students, whether it is in academics or extra-curricular activities. The questions which students get in their minds include ‘How much will I score’? , ‘What will my peers score be?’, ‘Who will get the highest rank?’, ‘How will my current score affect my overall performance for the year?’ and so on.

The Role of Education ERP Software in competition

The most important thing is how each one of the students will know where he/she stands as compared to the rest of the class. The answer to this solution comes in the form of education ERP software, which helps students analyse their academic and non-academic performance anytime and anywhere. Education ERP software makes use of data analytics and other tools to calculate and compare the students’ scores subject wise and exam wise. This greatly helps the students to scrutinise their performance in the form of interactive bar graphs, pie-charts and other forms of graphical representation.

Non-academic achievements will be shown by the Education ERP software in the form of notices and circulars on the institution’s portal. Some of the best school management software helps the students in downloading certificates from their portals.

All these features of education ERP software develop a sense of competition among the students, thereby helping the students achieve a tremendous amount of success in their lives. The reasons why competition is essential in all students lives is elaborated as under –

#1. Scope for learning

It is rightly said that you learn things only when you make mistakes. This is a fundamental concept applicable to all individuals, not just students. Students can review their performance by carefully analysing mistakes done by them in the exams on their individual portals provided by the Education ERP software, and thereby making sure that they do not do so in the future exams.

#2. Motivation to be successful

Using education ERP software, students will also get to know where they stand as compared to the rest of the class. In case if they do not score well, they will get the motivation necessary for securing better marks in their next exam, which provides humongous scope for improvement and achieving success in the long term.

 #3. Comparison

Using data analytics and other tools, education ERP software calculates the ranking of each student for each subject as well as the aggregate of all the subjects. With the help of this data, students can easily compare their result with those of the other students. Doing such kind of comparative analysis aids in developing a sense of competition among the students.

#4. Developing Strategies

With the help of education ERP software, you can review your performance in each of the subjects; find your strengths and weaknesses. Once you find out what your strengths are, leverage them. Put more of your attention to developing strategies for converting your weaknesses into strengths.

Some of the best education ERP software utilizes appropriate tools and techniques which help in promoting a spirit of competition among the students.