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How can the Management Control a School Tour Using School ERP Software?

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School tours are organized by the management and teachers of the school, in order to make the students get an idea of how subjects taught in the school are actually implemented by people in their day-to-day business and other activities as well as getting them to actually see the things that they would have only read about or seen pictures of in their books.

For example, students can get to see how science and technology are used in growing crops by visiting a farm. Going on a trip to museums helps children to actually see various historical objects, the pictures of which they would have only seen in their books.  A visit to a planetarium makes the children view stars and other celestial objects using telescopes, which they would have only read about from books. A trip to a factory helps students to see how mathematics and physics are used for manufacturing various items.

School tours, thereby, form an integral part of the overall development of the child. More often than not, the child gets bored with the routine classroom confined activities and this is where school tours come in handy. School tours help the children to practically see how things which they learn in the classroom are applied in the real world. This experience of learning things in a new environment motivates the child to take an interest in application-based learning, which helps in truly understanding their subjects. It also helps to develop the child’s inquisitive abilities and generates curiosity among them.

The relevance of school tours is impeccable. But it is not always that easy to conduct a school tour since the teachers tend to have the huge responsibility of handling a large number of students. It is also very essential to constantly keep track of each and every child, who is part of the tour. There needs to be proper co-ordination amongst the people responsible for conducting the tour. Managing all this manually becomes a very cumbersome activity and because of this, school tours become more of a headache for the teachers.

Now that technology has progressed so immensely, there is no need to worry for the teachers. The advent of ‘School ERP software’ helps in properly and efficiently managing a school tour. School ERP has certain features that will surely benefit the management and the teachers in conducting school tours with ease and they are as follows –

  • Student Information Management System

School ERP software has a module called ‘Student Information Management System’ wherein the details of all the students are stored in a database. This same data can be used by the management to create a new list of students who will form part of the school tour. This list can then be used for taking the attendance digitally in order to monitor the presence of all students in the tour as and when required, using a mobile or a tablet.

  • Separate Dashboard for Parents

Parents have a separate dashboard, where they can view the attendance of their children. As and when the teacher keeps updating the attendance digitally using the School ERP software, the parents get to know about it immediately on their dashboard. This is very useful for convincing those parents who are hesitant to send their children to school tours, since by using School ERP software they can constantly keep track of their children, thereby getting an assurance of their safety.

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UC-School ERP software provides the best solution for the student information management system, which is very easy-to-use, efficient, reliable and customisable as per the school’s requirements. The software stores the database on the cloud and therefore this data can be easily accessed by the people having their own unique credentials to log in to their respective portals.