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UC-School ERP Software’s support during COVID-19 pandemic

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COVID-19, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, has shaken the various industrial sectors of the world, ranging from manufacturing, transportation, travel, construction, education and many others. It seems as though the world has come to a standstill. Governments of different countries and the WHO has advised people to practice social distancing, in addition to providing them relevant methods for prevention of the disease, the most effective of which is Nation-wide Lockdowns. Many people working in these sectors, are now exploring different ways to resume their activities from their homes.

One such sector which is finding it rather difficult to effectively cope up with its routine activities is the education sector. Most of the educational institutions have resorted to various alternatives of providing quality education to students in this period of quarantine. Some of the techniques with which schools are imparting education to students include –

  • Online Learning
  • Video Conferencing
  • Learning Management Software
  • School ERP Software

Role of UC- School ERP Software in helping educational institutions getting back to normalcy

School ERP software has time and again proved to be the most efficient solution in letting schools follow a distance learning policy. With school ERP software, educational institutions can easily manage –

  • Attendance
  • Admissions
  • Examination
  • Syllabus
  • Fee payment
  • Payroll
  • Time-table, etc.

In fact, the above given points are just a glimpse of what some of the best school ERP software providers can offer in their module category. Leading school ERP software providers, such as UC-School, which is the best school ERP software in the market, has stood out from its competitors by way of OFFERING SOME OF THE CORE MODULES OF ITS SOFTWARE FREE OF COST. This initiative has been taken by the senior management of UC-School ERP software in order to provide help to those institutions who lack the necessary resources to function with normalcy in this period of global lockdown that the coronavirus has brought about.

How does UC-School ERP software offer its software features free of cost?

UC-School ERP software is providing its software free of cost to every educational institution out there, no matter which country it is located in. Our school ERP software will assist your institution in running smoothly and with full swing even in this period of global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With UC-school you can do things easily at just one touch. Our mobile application helps in solving the communication gap that has arisen at present between the different stakeholders of the school such as parents, teachers, students and the management. The activities of each one of these stakeholders can be properly tracked using the school ERP software’s mobile application.

UC-School is also taking steps to integrate with leading language learning platforms, education platforms like EdX and also creating a special YouTube space for all curriculum being taught by schools, which can be easily customized based on the classes chosen.

To know more about the features that your institution can use, please visit Our team will do the entire set up for your institution over the internet.

Stay healthy. Stay Safe.

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