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Custom Reports and Thus the Importance of the School ERP Software

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There are lot issues involve when you run your educational institution using the conventional method. The few issues are as follow,

  • Less security
  • Less reliability
  • Storing physical data
  • Very less accessibility
  • Decreases the productivity
  • Handling of paper-based data
  • A vast space needed to store the paper-based files

School ERP Benefits

Online school management software in India brought into the field of education system with the notion of rectifying the above-mentioned issues and to improve the efficiency as well as the productivity of an educational institution.

Nowadays, the administrative burdens in a school-based environment are increased a lot and consequently, the teachers are being happened to not to use the full class hour productively for the teaching purposes as they need to do some administrative works as well in the given class time and which consumes more time and thus reduces the productivity.

A sound administration is needed for running a school efficiently while a precise set of data are needed for an administration for being sound. The school management software is designed in such a way which makes the schools run very precisely with real-time data and which helps a school administration to enhance their standard of education greatly. Customised reports are playing an important role in making the hectic administrative works easier.

Why are the Custom Reports Needed for an Educational Institution?

No school runs with a same kind of requirement for years and they do change their requirements and their workflow every year so as the reports have to be modified each and every year according to the workflow and the requirement of an institution. Customs reports are something which helps one user to get a precise report at the time needs.

Just think about the following scenario, An administrator in an institution wants to know the list of students who are staying in the hostel, have applied for a cultural tour, have not submitted the given assignment on the given time and have the attendance percentage less than the minimum requirement.

It may seem quite complex to do and yes it is, if you go search for the above-said category of students in the traditional way or using some school ERP software which doesn’t have custom report feature. But, the administrator can accurately get the above-mentioned list of the students within few minutes using the best school management software which has the custom report facility as it contains sophisticated filters which help the users to get an accurate report they want.

The custom report generation in a school administration software facility helps the users ( school administration, teachers, parents and students) in a wide range as it follows,

Benefits of Custom Reports:

  • Can generate subject-wise, class-wise and section-wise attendance report
  • Can get different set of report regarding examination such as exam-wise report, term-wise report, batch-wise report, etc
  • Can generate week-wise, month-wise, year-wise payslip report.
  • Can configure different type fine category and can get a report on the same
  • Can generate a detailed monthly as well as weekly planner report
  • Can generate lesson planner report and we can edit, remove and update a data on the same
  • Dynamic fees report generation facility
  • Dynamic student and employee information report generation facility
  • Class-wise and section-wise student assessment report generation system
  • Instant academic transcript generation system