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The need for customized school management software

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There are thousands of software companies around the world which provide online school management software with features covering every aspect of managing a school. These features include admission, fees, syllabus, lesson planner, time-table, expenses and many more. By using online school ERP, schools can be managed in a more professional, accountable and transparent manner.

Why do schools need customized school management software?

Schools located in different states, provinces and countries around the world have their own set of regulations and requirements for handling their respective institutions. Some schools might want the online school management software to suit the rules and procedure set up by various boards of education like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, State boards, etc. as well as universities.

There might be schools that would require additional features to the existing modules and few might even want new modules altogether. Such form of customisation will help schools in managing the activities of each one of the boards of examination for the all the classes in a more easy, efficient and time-saving manner.

  • Flexible Customisation by UC-School

It is very rare for software companies to provide online school management software that is easily customisable to the various requirements of educational institutions.

Most of these companies tend to offer the online school management software’s modules in fixed packages, with limited or in some cases no options of customisation. But there are school management software companies like UC-School, which are very flexible and customizable as per the institutional requirements.

UC-School online school management software can be customised in the following forms –

  1. Developing New Modules

There might be cases when schools might need a new module, in addition to the existing modules. In such a situation, UC-School online school management software has developers who can readily create new modules that your institution requires.

  1. Making changes to the existing modules

Most online school management software companies do not provide the facility of making changes to the modules that have already been created. This is how UC-School differs from them, since it can easily make changes like adding or removing features from the already created modules.

  1. Customisable Integration

Few schools might be already using some or the other software for managing part of their routine activities. UC-School is one such online school management software that can be readily integrated with various kinds of software already in use by any educational institution.

  1. Configurable to different boards of examination

Nowadays, schools have different boards of examination that are used for imparting education to all classes in the same campus. In such cases, UC-School online school management software makes the life of the admin easy, since the software can be easily configured as per the rules and regulations of various boards of examination.

  1. Pick any modules that you want

One popular trend among online school management software companies is that they provide their modules in fixed packages and the schools might have to purchase packages which have some modules that they won’t even use. This is where UC-School comes across as a relief to them, since it allows schools to pick only those modules that they require and pay only for those.

Hence, it is extremely important to choose online school management software like UC-School that is extremely customisable and ultimately turns out to be budget-friendly in the long-run for educational institutions.