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How to ensure data security while using an online school software

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Data security is one of the key issues that are faced when data is uploaded and put across for providing access to the key users of online school management software. Data security is the process of protecting data given in a digital format, such as that stored in a database, from unwanted and unauthorized access and other kinds of cyber threats.

Nowadays, there has been a constant increase in cyber threats like hacking, phishing, etc. Important data like personal details, payment transaction details, marks scored and other sensitive information have high chances of getting mishandled by unauthorized third parties.

Online school management software and data security

Schools are getting digitized by making use of the latest technologies in the educational sector like school management software. The first step that schools need to take in this process is to upload important data relating to students, teachers and parents on the various portals of the chosen online school management software.

That is why it is highly imperative for schools to choose that kind of data management software that is not just efficient but also has very strong data security measures implemented within the software system. This needs to be done, because nowadays many schools tend to prefer to buy those online school ERP software systems which are offered at a relatively lower price, irrespective of what data security measures have been implemented in the software.

Some of the different ways in which data security can be ensured in online school management software systems include –

  1. Data privacy of student and teacher

Privacy of data is an important step that needs to be taken by the online school management software system as well as those who are given charge of the data. The data of the student and teachers should not be made accessible to any unauthorized third party.

  1. Prevents unauthorized access

The online school management software system has to make provisions for creating separate credentials for each kind of user. This is to be done to ensure that only the users who have been given their unique credentials get access the data.

  1. Secures online fee payment

Online fee payment is one feature of an online school management software system that needs to be capable of handling and processing highly sensitive account detail information, since if this data gets into the wrong hands then there are high chances of misuse by any third party.

  1. Prevents breach of data

The online school management software system should make sure that they do not release secure and confidential information intentionally or unintentionally in an unauthorized manner, due to any technical issue in the software.

Hence, it is very important for schools to search for those kinds of online school management software systems that have an inbuilt mechanism to handle sensitive and confidential data stored within the school’s database