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How effective is our education system in raising socially responsible youths?

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Social responsibility is a concept that must be known not only to adults but also by children. It is high time that people understand what social responsibility is all about. Social responsibility is a kind of ethical framework, which suggests that an entity has an inherent duty for taking actions that benefit the society at large, no matter if it’s an organization or individual. Every individual is obligated to perform this duty, in order to maintain a proper balance between the economy and ecosystems.

Education and socially responsible youth

Education is considered as one of the most crucial foundation pillars of raising socially responsible youths. This is because education acts as the perfect medium for blending ethics, culture, religions, society, environment and patriotism. Children belonging to different races, castes and religions are brought together in one place via schools and this in turn promotes unity in diversity.

Children are given information about cultures of countries across the world. Moreover, a detailed demonstration is done as to what are the religions that currently exist in the world. This greatly helps in the process of instilling a positive opinion in the minds of children about religions and thereby encourages them to respect and love all of them.

Education helps in providing information in a manner that inculcates a sense of patriotism, that is love and respect for the country that people reside in. Education acts an effective medium of communication to raise youths who are socially responsible in the following aspects –

  1. Ethics and moral values

Ethics are those moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour in the society. Most of the time, ethics are inherent in human beings, but sometimes they are also taught by others  in the form of defining right and wrong conduct as well as what’s good and evil, justice and crime, virtue and vice.

  1. Environmental education

It is necessary to equip students with knowledge about the environment around them. This is because there are so many factors that are affecting the environment at present, some of which include global warming, pollution, depletion of ozone layer, newly found diseases and many such inter-related issues. When children are made aware of such concepts through education, then this will encourage them to take steps for protecting and improving the environment.

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  1. Society and culture

Each and every country across the world has a blend of people who live together and these people belong to different races, castes, religions and culture.  Education should prove to be a medium for promoting unity in diversity, that would ultimately help children to show and have mutual respect and love for all kinds of cultures, societies and religions.

  1. Current issues of the world

There are many issues that are being faced by most of the countires and these include unemployment, increase in crime rate, illiteracy, inflation, etc. These issues need to be brought into the light of the students in classrooms for the purpose of providing them with an opportunity to put forth their opinions on how these problems are to be dealt with.

  1. Education management software

Schools should try to make use of best education management software for the purpose of spreading the right kind of information relating to social responsibility. With the help of education management software, teachers can create group discussion forums for discussing socially relevant issues as well as regularly updating students about the latest happenings across the globe using the newsfeed feature.

Hence, education serves as an important mode for transforming today’s youth into socially responsible human beings.