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EdX integration with UC-School Management Software

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Are you worried as to how your child will learn technical skills in this period of coronavirus pandemic? Fear not, since UC-School Management Software has now partnered with edX learning platform which will enable your child to learn a varied set of skills anywhere, anytime. The edX platform offers a wide array of courses which will surely enable your child to learn and upgrade technical skills in a quick span of time. When children learn important fundamental concepts at an early age, it will help them in increased retention of what they learn at a later point of time. These concepts that are learnt by them will helpful in practical application which assists in better understanding of advanced concepts that are learnt when they are pursuing higher level courses in the future.

What is edX?

edX is an initiative taken by two of the most renowned universities in the world Harvard and MIT for the purpose of providing MOOC (massive open online course) for learners located across the world. The platform offers a wide range of courses covering different disciplines and subjects and the best part is many of these courses are provided absolutely free of cost! This kind of affordability of highly technical and sought-after courses has attracted millions of learners to come to the edX online learning platform to upgrade their skills, regardless of their financial status or geographical boundaries.

edX offers more than 2200+ courses, which are divided into learning sequences on a weekly basis. Students get access to high quality on-campus videos which explain all the fundamental concepts in a simple and lucid manner. With the knowledge gained from these videos, students can also practice all the concepts that they learn at their own pace. In addition to this, edX has also set up an interactive discussion forum which enables students to discuss their doubts and also comment on other posts with the various members and teaching assistants. If that’s not all, the platform also provides online textbooks and online virtual laboratories for a certain number of courses which gives students a live experience and demonstration of how the concepts are actually implemented.

Certificates are provided to the students on successful completion of the chosen course. Students have the option of either opting for free verified courses for which auditing is required at no charge or they can also opt for an edX Verified Certificate that is charged at a nominal rate which depends upon the course. There is also an option wherein students can get XSeries Certificates once they complete two to seven verified bundled set of courses in one single subject.


How has UC-School Management Software integrated with the edX online learning platform?

 All the users of UC-School Management Software will get access to the edX platform through the UC-School Management Software Mobile App as well as our web platform. Get your child enrolled to any of the thousands of courses offered on edX which will prove to be the foundation stone for their future successful careers in any chosen domain. Spark the curiosity in your child and take part in their passion!


Stay tuned! We will release another major update regarding this very soon!

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