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Need of Including a Hostel Management Module in a School ERP System

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School Hostel Management Module in a School ERP System

Today, schools are accomplishing the smart schooling technology for sustaining the development. Educational System is the foundation of our general public and country. Here assumes a critical part of school data framework with best school administration programming.

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Implement School Management Software

School management ERP software, an exceedingly agile school information management system, which promotes schools to enhance their operational proficiency, lessens the general cost, engage school administration staff, teachers, students and guardians with the right data at an opportune time, so they can follow up on it adequately.

School information system with best school organization programming or school administration programming benefits a great deal and can makes the usefulness of the school to be smoother. It can handle student data right from admission, attendance, class scheduling, fee collection, overall student performance, and more. Do you ever think about the need of hostel management module in school ERP system? Here we follow the necessity of hostel management module in education ERP software.

Hostel Management Module in School ERP

Hostel management module manages various activities of the hostel. It deals with details of students, allocation of rooms, admission cancellation, monthly rent, staff details etc. Let’s see some of the features of hostel management module:

  1. Room allotment: This manages the allotment of rooms to each student who admitted in the hostel. Manual allocation is very difficult in big hostels. Here comes the importance of this module.
  2. Room rent: The rent of the rooms can be managed through this module easily. Manual rent calculation is a big headache and time consuming process.
  3. Mess management: Coordinating the mess details includes timing of food, menu for the particular day, purchasing grocery items etc becomes easy through this specific module.
  4. Visitor management: Visitors are allowed in almost all hostels. The visitor management module is very important in hostel management software because the details of the particular visitor will be helpful if any issue happen to hostel or a student. Track visitor’s activities who entered into the hostel. Report generation: Weekly, monthly or yearly based reports can be easily generated through this module. These generated hostel reports can be stored without any risk of paper.
  5. Daily Attendance Register of Hostel: This module act as an attendance register book. Daily attendance and reporting is very important in hostels for ensuring the students safety. Manual registering of attendance daily is very tired process and takes a lot of time. Here helps the hostel management software.
  6. Staff details: In addition to student details, staff details also can be register in this module. This helps to know each and every detail of the corresponding staff who allocated the particular duty and contacting also become easy.
  7. Gate Pass: Helps students for requesting gate pass to go out of campus. Issues gate passes and permits students to go out with real time status updates.
  8. Notifications, alerts & mobile app: Get significant alerts on room allotment, transfer, attendance, fee payments, mess bills, and other information via email, SMS & push notifications to iPhone & Android devices.

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Benefits of Hostel Management School ERP Software 

  1. Eliminate manual effort & paper work
  2. Automated room booking
  3. Automated fee collection
  4. Saves a lot of time

Authorities and hostel wardens can be offered access to this educational software to ensure the simplest and advantageous administration of the whole inn. Students leaving the hostel at what time and returning what time, every last bit of it can be recorded in this module, which makes it very simple to discover data about a particular student or time. All the details identified with the working of the can be overseen through this and task of rooms should likewise be possible through it.

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