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Library Management Using UC-School

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Library management is one of the most complex activities when done manually and in a paper-based environment. Librarians have the sole responsibility of maintaining separate registers for ‘Books issued’ and ‘Books returned’ for the students as well as staff. Further, data of each and every book that is kept in the library needs to be stored properly. Imagine the number of hours that would take to enter such kind of data and also the staff required for the same. Moreover, a lot of paper is required for the purpose of keeping records of each one of these processes.

  • Automated Library management using UC-School

Schools can now breathe a sigh of relief since UC-School which is the best school management software offers ‘Library management software’ for better and more efficient management of libraries in educational institutions. With the help of such kind of library management software, schools can completely digitize the process of managing libraries. The benefits which come together with UC-School’s library management software include –

  1. Books issued and returned

Now, using UC-School’s library management software you can easily find the information relating to books issued and returned at just the click of a button. No need to go through the hassle of paper-based registers for getting information about the same.

  1. A quick view of book details

Without using UC-School, that is one of the best school management software, schools will find it very difficult to get hold of information like the ISBN number, author name, publisher’s name, etc. of the books kept in the library. With the help of UC-School’s library management software, schools can quickly view details of all the books instantly.

  1. Automatic fine calculation

Fine calculation for books is a complicated process, which usually begins with maintaining a list of students who have borrowed books and then imposing fine on a per day basis for those students who have not yet returned them. Using UC-School’s library management software, fine calculation becomes automated and thereby easier for librarians of schools.

  1. Easy managing of books issued to staff and students

UC-School’s library management software helps in effective handling of the process of borrowing and lending of books to the staff as well as students, since the information will be stored separately for both kinds of users in a digital format.

  1. Advanced book search option

Search for the books stored in the library based on the category, sub-category, ISBN, subject, book title, publisher, edition, author name, etc. and other filters are given by UC-School’s library management software.

  1. Add books anytime

In case if any new books are added to the existing ones, then schools can do so very easily using UC-School’s library management software which enables quick adding of books to the existing list of books.

Schools can save tons of money by making use of library management software offered by UC-School, which is one of the best school management software. UC-School helps schools become more automated and encourages them to run in a paperless environment.