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Benefits of using Monthly and Weekly planner in UC-School ERP

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We all know how important planning is, especially in the process of running educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities. These institutions have thousands of students enrolled, hundreds of subjects being taught and also a huge number of teaching and non-teaching staff. UC-School, which is the top school management software, proves to be the best choice for the purpose of meticulously planning each one of the routine and non-routine activities of these institutions.

  • UC-School’s monthly and weekly planner

What makes UC-School different from its counterparts is that it provides a very useful feature for teachers, called ‘Monthly and Weekly Planner’. This feature is mainly used for properly planning what subjects and topics need to be taught in the classes that they are assigned to.

Monthly and Weekly Planner is by all means, an extremely useful tool which teachers can use to a  large extent for imparting education in a very organized and professional manner. But first things first, teachers need to properly understand how to operate this tool in a way that would ensure the completion of the syllabus of all subjects, right on time.

The steps given below need to be followed by teachers on their individual portals, for using monthly and weekly planner of UC-School software –

  1. Type of planner

Firstly, the teacher needs to choose the plan type, that is whether the proposed subject needs to be taught in a week’s or within a month’s time. If the subject needs to be taught within a short span of time, click on weekly planner and for long-term planning, click on monthly planner.

  1. Select class and section

Once the plan has been chosen, the next step is to select the class and section for which the subject needs to be taught. The classes and the section that are given in the drop-down list are those that have been assigned by the admin for the given teacher.

  1. Subject

Now, the subject that is to be taught to the students needs to be chosen by the teacher. The subject can be selected after considering various parameters like the deadline for completion of the syllabus, the length of the topics to be covered and also the level of explanation that needs to be done for proper communication of various concepts in the given subject.

  1. Duration

On selecting the subject, the next step forward after this involves deciding the time-period for teaching the same to the students. For this, the start date and end date for completion of the subject needs to be chosen from the given calendar.

  1. Worksheets, project and laboratory

In case if the teacher wants to give any worksheet, project or laboratory assignment to the students for the given subject, he/she can do so by writing down the details for it under the option of the same name, on the monthly and weekly planner page of the teacher portal.

  1. Class test and group discussion

The best way to determine whether the students have grasped the fundamental and advanced concepts of the subjects that are being taught by the teachers is to conduct class tests. Also, teachers can encourage students to put forth their views and level of understanding of the subjects by conducting group discussions within the class. UC-School’s monthly and weekly planner enables teachers to set up reminders for conducting tests and group discussions for the chosen class.

So, the best way to impart superior quality and structured form of education to students is by making use of the monthly and weekly planner tool that is being offered by top school management software like UC-School.