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Online School Management Software Must-Haves in Admission Management Module

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Today, schools are accomplishing the smart schooling technology for sustaining the development. Educational System is the foundation of our general public and country. Here assumes a critical part of school data framework with best school administration programming.

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The school data framework handles each viewpoint identified with school organization, teachers, parents and students etc. School information system with best school organization programming or school administration programming benefits a great deal and can makes the usefulness of the school to be smoother.

Modules in School ERP Software

The functional module provided by UC-School is:

  1. Dashboards: Helps users in viewing mails, news and events.
  2. Activity Logging: Monitor each occasion occurring in the UC School ERP system. All client exercises are logged with date and time for sometime later.
  3. Internal Messaging: Enhancing the parent-teacher-student-management interactions.
  4. Notify: Send out messages through Email and sms to groups or individual users.
  5. Reports: Audit and manage the reports and have them ready for a quick review.
  6. Attendance: Monitor teachers and students attendance records. Availed and available leaves were also shown.
  7. Admission: Admission processes become easy through this module.
  8. Exams and Results: Creates exam timetable and grading level. Can monitor the progress of each student.
  9. Hostel Management: Features includes room allotment, mess management, visitor management, daily attendance, gatepass, room rent, staff details etc.
  10. Transportation: Provides detailed information regarding the school bus which includes the name and details of the driver, school bus number etc. One can even track the bus too and informs the parents when the bus almost arrives.

These are some of the functional modules of education management software. Here we have a detail look on the admission management module in school management software.

Admission Module in a School Management Software

Admission management software helps in managing admission procedure easily. This module manages and stores the count of students who came for admission. Next step of counting the number of students who registered and one who get finalized are also done with this admission software.

The school software helps in maintaining student data efficiently, administration and admission process etc. Admission software also includes cancellation, refund reports & generation of slips etc. Parents also receive SMS and Email alerts for the same. The admission processes can be simplified with the help of school admission software. The main four modules to be included in admission management software is described in the following:

  1. Verification of students registered on campus
  2. Finalization of admissions of each student
  3. Merit list generation
  4. Admission of student for the academic year

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Verification of students registered on campus

Students can register for the particular campus for their studies. This registration can also be done through this module. Verifying the details of the registered students can be easily done with the admission software. This manages and stores the count of students who came for admission.

Finalization of admissions of each student

Next ste of counting the number of students who registered and one whoge t finalizedare also edon with this admission software.

Merit list generation

Once the students got finalized, the generation of merit list students is a big task. The merit list generation can be easily done with school ERP software.

Admission of student for the academic year

The next procedure is to start the admission process of student for the academic year. This includes all the admission details for his/her joining, fee details, uniform, books etc. All such information can also be done with the admission management module.

These are the main 4 modules should be in admission management software. The admission module makes the admission process easy and human efforts can be reduced. So, go for the best school management software for your next academics.

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