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How To Overcome The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Educational Sector?

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The Educational sector has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Schools and colleges across the world have either been temporarily closed or operating on a remote basis during this period. Most of these educational institutions are finding it rather difficult to cope with the remote learning method which has proven to be bound by constraints owing to lack of resources.

Even before the pandemic came to the picture, there were many technologies which educational institutions could have made better use of in their daily operations. But due to the fear of breaking from the conventional teaching methods, these institutions seldom made plans for any sort of technological upgradation.

The most common solutions which are being used to provide some form of continuity in education includes the use of free video conferencing and learning tools. But these free solutions are now proving to be more and more inefficient by the day, since issues such as bandwidth problems, security and privacy, etc. are cropping up.

How can educational institutions overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is high time that schools, colleges and universities start investing more in the latest technologies in order to ensure continued education to students. Technologies such as school management software / school erp software, video conferencing, virtual classrooms, augmented reality, learning management software and many others can be implemented to provide more ease in remote learning operations.

The benefits of these technologies are mentioned in detail as given below –

  1. School Management Software

With a technology as amazing as school management software, everything becomes easier to operate due to all school activities coming under one single roof. All the stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents and the management can perform their functions anytime, anywhere since the data is stored on the cloud. Moreover, the online admission module of school ERP software is of great help in conducting the admission process for students, no matter where they are located.


  1. Video Streaming Tools

Live video streaming tools such as UC-School’s Live Streaming feature will be highly beneficial in conducting online classes to students located all over the world. In addition to this, teachers can use the digital whiteboard option to write down important concepts during the online class session. The best part is that students can get their doubts immediately resolved via live chat option provided by the live streaming solution of UC-School.


  1. Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classroom is now one of the fastest growing technologies in the educational sector due to the fact that it encompasses all the school activities in a digital format. Regular school activities such as admission, attendance, fees, examinations, reporting, online classes, and other activities can be done via highly efficient solutions such as UC-School’s virtual classroom platform.


  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

With the help of augmented reality technology, educational institutions can work upon building interactive 3D models which will make the students more interested in learning concepts in the online classes. These institutions can take some immediate steps to implement AR plugins in their video conferencing apps for the purpose of creating an immersive teaching environment together with higher retention of concepts taught in the classes.


  1. Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System, also known as LMS is one of the most widely used technologies for imparting remote education to students since many years. LMS, in this current coronavirus pandemic, can prove to be of great help in ensuring that students can learn whatever they want to, at their convenient time and schedule. This form of flexible learning can go a long way in promoting the spread of the wings of education to people located in different parts of the world.


Well, as they say, technology is now more a boon than a bane. Advanced technologies mentioned above will surely prove to be the best way for educational institutions to battle this coronavirus pandemic and emerge victorious. Get in touch with us now for LMS, Virtual Classroom, Live Streaming and School Management Software solutions!


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