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How Does a School ERP helps the Management in Student Safety and Security?

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School ERP help the management in student safety and security?

In all school’s safety of students is a top priority. Keeping this in mind school management nowadays trying to add a lot of security features like,

  • Tracking of tracking of student’s transportation systems
  • Live communication between parents and teachers
  • Issuing ID cards for parents
  • School visitor management through school ERP software.

1.Tracking of Student’s Transportation to Enhance Security

School GPS and RFID based tracking systems ensure the security. The parents can get live updates of the bus. The bus may be stuck in between traffic. So the parent can track the bus. They will get an idea about when kids will reach the destination. The GPS and RFID based tracking system captures the real-time data and will pass to the school ERP software. The software sends the message to parents at specific intervals. In today’s hectic schedules parents have to balance between work and kid’s safety. So, this kind of safety measures in good school management software helps a lot.

2.Live Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Technological advancement has changed the communication way between teachers and parents. Some years ago, school diary was the only way of communication between parent and teacher. Today the school ERP software provides a variety of tools to empower teachers to cooperate with parents and create a healthy learning environment.

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If any students facing problems they can easily inform the teacher without delay. The regularly keeping parents updated will improve the transparency in the school management. An online school ERP system is the best solution that will help schools effectively deal with the parent and teacher communication.

3.Visitor Management in Schools using the ERP software

Some best school ERP software’s provides biometric with photo enrolment for identifying registered parents and guardians. When the respective parent came to pick the kid, the biometric verification is an added security. Some school ERP software provides students check in and check out alerts in the school.

The message will go to the parent as SMS or EMAIL. The school management software’s which contains the facility to send or broadcast SMS alerts and messages to registered Parents. In the case of emergency situations, it will be easy.

4. Issuing Digital ID Cards

Checking visitors manually is not always safe. Protecting the students in school premises is very important. So the digital Id cards using school ERP software helps the maintenance of security guards at each and every point. RFID enabled smart cards will give an added value to the security concern. With that, we can track teaching staffs, students, lab attendees etc. This RFID enabled cards can be integrated with school’s ERP software. Most of the school and colleges work in open environment.

RFID enabled smart cards is acts as access control for all the people in the campus. This kind of digital id cards provides an overall view of what’s happening. So by considering security as a concern, we can integrate the school ERP software with the ID card system. It helps for the management of all students in working hours within school premises.