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School ERP software and a Solid Communication Management System

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How does a School ERP software help an educational institution in setting a solid communication management system?

The evolution of the means of modern communication ranges from postal and telegraph services to E-mail, SMS and live web chat. The role of communication devices is significant at every stage of human life and have been playing an important role for the betterment of the mankind.

Nowadays, the advanced communication means like smartphone and internet are being used by the people not only for sharing information but also for spreading knowledge. The communication devices let an individual have an amicable relationship with other and it helps him to understand the world better.

Why does solid communication management system need for an entity?

A robust communication system is a must needed one for any organization to run successfully and profitably. Most of the administrator’s/manager’s half of the time is being spent on having a conversation with people like stakeholders, clients, employees, legal advisors and the decision makers.

A solid communication management system helps an administrator to orchestrate the staffs from the various department of his company on a single platform and it helps the administrator to keep his staffs updated with the necessary information on time for the better productivity of his company. So, It is really important for a company to have a sound communication management facility in order to make sure that the needed information is being shared with the appropriate people at the appropriate time.

Thus, the importance of providing a standard communication facility becomes the need of the hour in any fields and it suits for educational institutions also.

The role of a school ERP software in providing a solid communication facility in an educational institution:

The education ERP software is an effective and an efficient tool which lays a stable and a reliable communication facility for the people who are involving in the academic and non-academic progress of a school.

A vibrant communication management system is mandatory for the today’s educational institutions since a school is being run not only for the profitability rather a school involves in a most complex and a responsible progress of nurturing a student’s prosperous and successful future. So, the education ERP software is introduced in the current education system in order to connect the school administrator, parents, students and the teachers together all the time by offering a sound communication facility.

The list of communication management features that a school ERP software offers,

  1. Separate portal facility for the teachers, students, parents and the administrator
  2. Messaging facility through Mobile App
  3. Pop up notification Facility
  4. E-mail Facility
  5. SMS Facility

These communication features in the best school management software enable the administrator to share and circulate an information to the respective people without fail. It helps the other users such as the students, parents and the teachers to do their corresponding works through it effectively and it lets the users involved in the schooling activities more closely than before.

The student-teacher relation after the introduction of the School ERP software:

The student-teacher relation is much more harmonious and amicable than ever before after the introduction of the school ERP software into the education system. The communication facility that the software offers connects the teachers and the students together and it encourages the students to discuss with their respective teachers regarding their studies.

  1. Teachers can assign homework to the students at any time.
  2. Teachers can easily assign a particular task to a particular student or to a group of selected students within few seconds.
  3. Students can directly ask their doubts to their respective teachers using the School ERP Mobile App facility.

The parent-teacher relation after the introduction of the School ERP software:

It was the scenario in the then schooling system where the parents of the students can not access the teachers often and they hardly get time to have a meeting with teachers. The lack of communication between the parents and the teachers left the parents with the not much information about their son or daughter’s progress in the school.

But the communication facility in a school information management system lets the parents being connected with the teachers all the time and they will be informed about their kid’s educational progress accurately at every stage of his/her schooling.

  1. A teacher can send the test score of a student to his/her parents through an SMS/E-mail.
  2. Parents will be informed about the conduct of their children in the school.
  3. Parents can have one to one meeting with the respective teachers at any time and from anywhere.

Feedback and the queries can be interchanged between teachers and the parents

How does a school information management system benefit a school administrator:

It is the most important and the most complex part when it comes to connecting all the academic and the non-academic staffs, students and the parents with a school administrator. A sustainable progress, as well as the stable growth of an educational institution, is based on how well a communication network established in it.

A solid communication system that a school ERP software offers, connect the school administrator with the employees, parents and with the students perfectly in order to run an educational institution successfully and to make the parents, students and the teachers always updated with the both, basic as well as the important information.

Parents and the students can be informed the details regarding school events such as examination, sports day, quiz program and cultural day through an SMS/ E-mail and the parents as well as the students can see more about the events by logging in their respective portals.

  1. The administrator can assign a teacher to a particular class and the teacher will be intimated the same through his/her respective portal.
  2. The parents will be informed of paying the tuition fee in advance
  3. The administrator can publish news on the dashboard of the respective parent, teacher and the student portal
  4. The administrator can easily schedule the teacher-school management meeting and can inform the same to the corresponding teachers within less than a minute.
  5. The school management can send circulars to the parents, students and the teachers using the advanced communication facility.
  6. The school administrator can receive complaints from the parents as well as from the students’ side which in turns helps the administrator to take necessary steps on time in order to improve the standard of their institution and it helps to give the better quality of educational service to the students.

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