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Must-have Integrations to Add in a School ERP Software

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The school ERP software has come as a boon for empowering the current education system. Though there are many school ERPs render its services to the educational institutions around the world, only a few are considered as the best school ERP software since those allow the most significant integrations to be integrated with the software system in order to improve the operational efficiency of an educational institution.

What are the integrations must be there with a best school management software?

The important school erp software integrations are,

Biometric Integration:

Once, the use of biometrics was confined only to the governmental usage. As time goes, the need and usage of biometrics started increasing in the private entities also as it laid a gilt-edge platform when it comes to providing high security to the most valuable and to the most confidential things.

Though the usage of biometrics ranges from fingerprint recognition to  DNA matching, the school management software started integrating the biometric system into the school management processes for its accuracy and for its ability in managing the time and attendance of an employee and a student.


  1. It orchestrates an efficient payroll processing system

  2. Provides a robust and a precise time management system

  3. Accurately manages the students’ and the employees’ attendance

  4. It eases the work of the school management when it comes to calculating the loss of pay

GPS Integration:

Children’s education and their safety are the two main concern of most of the parents. Despite a school ERP software offers many facilities to boost a student’s educational progress, it believes the GPS most when it comes to ensuring the safety of a student. The primary notion of integrating the GPS with the school ERP software is to assure the students’ safety right from their way to school to return back to home safely.


  1. Incorporating the school buses with a GPS tracking device helps the parents and the school management to track the speed and the other movements of the bus accurately

  2. The parents and the school management will get an immediate alert notification if a bus goes against the predefined bus route.

  3. Parents can check the travelling status of their respective children and they will be informed about the bus delay and about the change in the bus routes well in advance.

  4.  Providing the students with the GPS based ID cards will enhance their safety ON and OFF the school.

Mobile App Integration:

Mobile applications are one of the finest findings in the evolution of technology. The mobile applications are being developed to run a specific task or a group of tasks on a mobile phone with the defined scale of accuracy. Nowadays the people started using mobile app in a wide range from booking movie tickets to running a million dollar business.

The school ERP software integrates mobile app with the notion of making the parents, students, teachers and the school management deeply involved in the current education system. A school erp mobile app supports an educational institution to become a more productive one and it gives outstanding experiences to the users.


  • Provides an effective communication between the teachers, parents, students and the school management.
  • Reduces the paper-based works to a higher extent.
  • Enables the parents and the students to access the school-related details like timetable, assignments, school events and to access the grades at any time.
  • Helps a school management to keep the teachers, parents and the students with the relevant information.

Online Payment Gateway Integration:

The trend of paying or transferring money using the online payment gateway has become common everywhere. An online payment gateway’s secure and streamlined money transaction service attracted many business people towards it and now no major business run without the help of online payment gateway facility.

A best online school management software must provide an educational institution with the online payment gateway facility in order to make the money transfer process transparent and error-free.

  • Provides highly secure and faster money transaction system
  • Saves a huge time and money and gives high convenience to the users
  • Parents can pay their children’s school fee online at any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • An online payment gateway encourages the digital and cashless economy.

SMS Integration:

The best school ERP software must contain the SMS facility for bridging the gap between the parents, teachers and the students and it helps a school management to effortlessly notice the parents, teachers and the students with the ongoing campus events and with the necessary information on time.


  1. The teachers and the school management can send exam results, assessment report, attendance report, exam schedule as well as can send information regarding scholarships to the parents.

  2. Teachers can assign homework and assignments to the students and also they can give necessary tips to the students using the SMS facility for accomplishing the assigned tasks perfectly.

  3. The school management can easily alert the parents, students and the teacher in advance by sending an SMS when some adverse situation prevails outside the school.

  4. It effectively connects the different departments in a school with the school administrator.

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