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School management software features – The ultimate checklist!

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School management software is truly one of the most innovative technologies introduced in the field of education. This kind of software has revolutionized the way most of the routine and non-routine activities of schools are being run at present, by resulting in their complete automation and digitization.

UC-School offers a lot of features in its comprehensive list of modules that benefit educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities to a large extent. The following are some features that UC-School management software offers –

  1. Scores and Grades (examination)

Handling examinations for a bunch of grades having hundreds of students is a very time-consuming yet important task. Everything needs to be perfect right from the setting up of examination boards, question papers to actually conducting these exams for all the grades. After this, comes the all-important activity of generating scorecards and analysing the overall performance of students in the exams.

This process gets eased out, automated and centralized when schools use our ‘Examination module’ to set up boards, grading levels, view reports, analyse class-wise exam results given in a statistical format for all the grades in the school.

  1. Attendance

Taking the roll-call of students is one of the most time-consuming activities that teachers have to undertake on a daily basis. In the normal roll-call process, the presence or absence of students is marked on attendance registers, which makes it all the more difficult for teachers to constantly monitor the attendance status of each student. Also, what would happen if the attendance is not marked properly in the register?

In such cases, a need arises for an attendance management module that would enable you to make use of a digital attendance register such as a laptop or our mobile app, with the help of which you can mark the presence or absence of students at just a single click and without any errors. Moreover, you can also mark the students as tardy and half-day present or absent.

  1. Time-table

Creating a time-table for several grades is quite a challenging task. A list of subjects, allocating teachers for those subjects, along with setting timings based on their availability needs to be done for generating time-tables. Then the process of distributing these time-tables to all the students and teachers comes into the picture. You can imagine the amount of time involved in all of this.

Our school management software’s time-table module helps in filling these gaps in the least possible time, as the list of subjects, teachers, grades and timings can be pre-set and then be selected from drop-down lists given in this module. Moreover, teachers and students will be immediately notified about any change or update in the time-table.

  1. Fee management

We all know how tedious it is to travel to schools and then wait in queues for hours together to make fee payments. Moreover, there are high chances of either the administration or sometimes even parents, to lose the fee receipts. This is where a fees module comes in handy since it will enable parents to make fee payments using online payment methods whenever they want to and wherever they are. Fee receipts are also generated electronically, thereby facilitating better record keeping and promoting eco-friendliness.

  1. Transport

There is no need for your institution to go for different software for transport management since the ‘Transport’ module also forms a part of our core software modules. With the help of this module, you can manage routes, allot or re-allot transportation, maintain transport fees and also manage driver details.

  1. Student Housing (Hostel)

Managing dormitories is part of certain institutions’ routine activities, where details of boys and girls dormitories, availability of beds, etc. need to be regularly maintained. Our school management software’s Student housing module also called ‘Hostel’ helps in efficiently managing dormitories, along with their rooms and food details. Also, new rooms can be allotted or even changed based on their availability in the given dormitories.

  1. Report Centre

A centralized report generation system is something that every institution should have, in order to get a clearer picture of the overall functioning of various departments in an institution. Our school management software’s Report Centre module is a place which allows institutions to generate reports of all kinds such as employee info report, student info report, complaint reports, attendance reports as well as active mobile reports.

In this way, UC-School offers features which any school management software not only must but should have in order to ensure the functioning of the educational institutions in the best possible manner.

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