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How to utilize a school software app for the smooth functioning of your school

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Managing a school has never been easier with the advent of school management software, which has resulted in complete automation of all the routine activities of educational institutions. Without using school management software, schools have to hire a lot of staff to do all their activities manually, purchase a lot of paper for documentation purposes all of which results in the consumption of more time and more resources.

Schools should make sure that they adopt the latest technologies that are introduced in the market as quickly as possible. Quicker adoption of such technologies as school management software will result in increasing managerial efficiency of schools to a large extent. This, in turn, would consequently help in reducing the consumption of time and resources.

How does school software app helps in the smooth functioning of your school?

Now that mobile phones have revolutionized the field of technology, school management software is also being introduced on the mobile phone platform in the form of applications, commonly known as ‘Mobile apps’. With the help of these school software apps, most of the school management software features like admission, attendance, time-table, student performance, circulation of notices and many more become much easier to manage.

The different ways in which you can utilise school software app for the smooth running of the institution include –

  1. Paperless Roll Call

Attendance management becomes an easy task when teachers use school software app for taking the roll call of the students. Teachers need to just call out the names of the students and then they can mark them as present or absent in just a matter of seconds on the school software app.

  1. Tracking status of online admission

Parents can also submit the admission forms using school software mobile app, which supports the process of online admission. Moreover, they can also check the status of the online admission on the school software app, anytime, anywhere.

  1. Circulation of notices

It is now possible for parents, teachers and students to receive notices instantly on their mobile phones, with the help of school software mobile app. These notices regarding the school will be sent by the admin from the portal of the school management software to the mobile app portals of all the stakeholders.

  1. Monitoring Student Performance

School software mobile apps can prove to be useful in tracking the academic and non-academic performance of the students in the class. For example, the student’s marks statement for a particular exam can be compared with the performance of the rest of the class and presented in graphical formats like bar graphs, pie-charts and line-graphs.

  1. Viewing time-table

Teachers can easily upload the daily, weekly and monthly time-table of the classes that they handle, anytime and also from their place of convenience using the school software mobile app. These changes that are made in the time-table will be instantly updated on the parent and student portals of the school software mobile app.

Hence, schools should make sure that they bring school software mobile app for handling these activities in a quicker and more flexible manner.