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5 Awesome things your school can achieve by implementing school software

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Schools have been functioning in a traditional, paper-based and non-digital environment since time immemorial. Even to this date, schools work in a slow-paced, paper-based atmosphere which results in high levels of inefficiency and lower levels of productiveness.

Some of these out-dated methods still in practice include –
  • Attendance Registers
  • Paper-based Examinations
  • Face-to-face Parent-teacher discussions
  • Face-to-face Student-teacher interactions
  • Walk-in admissions
  • Fee payment at the counter
  • Class-to-class distribution of circulars and notices, etc.

Awesome ways your school can benefit by ditching these traditional methods for school ERP software

Schools should now move ahead with the times and implement the latest revolution in the field of education which is ‘School ERP software.’ School ERP software helps in completely automating the entire process of running an educational institution and also encourages schools to run in a paper-free environment. Schools can be much more efficiently and professionally managed only when they start using School ERP software.

Some of the awesome things that your school can achieve by implementing school software include-

  1. Digital attendance registers

Very soon, the days will come when teachers will stop using paper-based attendance registers for marking the students’ presence. This can happen only if schools adopt school ERP software which facilitates teachers in taking the attendance of students digitally, that is using a mobile phone or computer.

  1. Online Examinations

Conducting examinations in a paper-based that is in an offline manner, is a very complex, tedious and time-consuming process. This complexity and tediousness can be eliminated when examinations are conducted online using school ERP software, wherein the students need to just login with their credentials on the exam portals and then write their answers to the questions displayed on the screen. More technology, more simplicity!

  1. 24X7 Parent-teacher-student interaction

Even to this date, the only way teachers and parents interact with each other is through face-to-face meetings. Students mostly have to wait until the next day to get their doubts cleared from the teachers. But when school ERP software comes into the picture, regular parent-teacher-student interaction is possible since such kind of software provides separate portals, which facilitate each one of them to communicate 24X7.

  1. Online Admissions

Getting admission for children is a very time-consuming process, because it first starts with filling forms, then submitting them to the officials, making fee payment at the counter and after that waiting for further instructions from the institution. This entire process will become easier when ‘Online admission’ is brought into effect that will help parents to fill the admission form and make the payment online. They can also check the status of the admission anytime on the portals.

      5. Instant distribution of circulars

The management of schools generally gives out notices and circulars either by posting them on physical noticeboards or announcing the same on microphones, all of which take a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, school ERP software helps the management in giving out digital notices and circulars which can be sent to the portals all students, parents and teachers at just the click of a mouse and within a matter of a few seconds.

The next school which could benefit can be yours! So make sure that your school also uses school ERP software for managing all the routine and non-routine activities!