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Importance of School Software in Kindergarten Education

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Kindergarten education is the first step that a child takes into the world of education. It is that phase of education where a child learns the letters of the English language as well as other languages, numbers and tables in math, basics of science and social science. In addition to learning the basics of education, the child is also taught good manners, which involve sitting still and being quiet while class is going on, respecting elders, speaking politely and table manners. The child also gets trained in performing physical exercises, which contributes to their health and wellness.  A teaching imparted in this form greatly helps in the overall development of the child.

How important is Kindergarten Education for the child?

Kindergarten education provides the best foundation for a child to get a good understanding of the basics which are required to learn subjects in their higher education. It is very important to know how well the child is able to grasp the fundamentals of learning letters, numbers, words, tables and other things in their kindergarten education. Because when the basics are understood well, then only the child will be able to follow higher level concepts in a better manner in their further classes. It is very imperative for a parent to track the performance of the child who is studying in a kindergarten. But most of the time, parents find it very difficult to do so.

Technology and Kindergarten Education

Technology has now made it easy for parents to monitor their child’s progress in kindergarten education with the emergence of ‘School ERP software’, also known as education ERP software. With the help of School ERP software, parents can monitor the child’s attendance, subject-wise academic performance, behaviour in class, important notices and reminders, and they can also avail of the bus-tracking facility which ensures the safety of the child. These modules which are provided by some of the best education ERP software in India are explained in detail below –

  1. Attendance Tracking

Using education ERP software, teachers can instantly update the attendance of the child. Parents can track the attendance of the child on their respective portals. They can see for how many days the child was present and for how many days he/she was absent. In case if there is an attendance shortage for any child, the parents will get a notification about the same on their portals.

  1. Academic Performance

Very often, parents are unable to get real-time information about their child’s academic performance in the class. This is where education ERP software plays a crucial role, which helps in providing information on the subject-wise as well as the overall academic performance of the child, to the parents.

  1. Assignment Notification

Teachers will send information to the parents about the homework assigned to the students, every day using the education erp software. Using their portals, parents can get to view the assignments and homework which the child has to submit in class to the teacher. This helps in the timely submission of the assignment by the child. In case if there is any delay in submission of the assignment, the parents will get immediate notification about it.

  1. Behaviour in Class

Teachers will submit a written assessment of the child’s behaviour in the class to the parents, with the help of education ERP software. Parents will get a notification about it on their portals, where they can view the assessment. This enables them to correct their child’s behaviour, in case if any complaints have been raised by teachers.

  1. Important Notices and Reminders

Using their portals, parents can get to know about any holiday in the upcoming days or if there is any event scheduled by the kindergarten school. Parents will also get reminders of delay in fee payment and other important notices and reminders.

  1. Bus-tracking Facility

Parents can track the location of the school bus from the time the child boards the bus till the time he/she reaches the kindergarten school, using a GPRS-enabled bus tracking facility. They can also track its speed, in order to get an assurance of the safety of their kids who are travelling on the bus.

  1. Complaint Raising Facility

If the parents wish to file a complaint or if they want to bring some issue to the notice of the school, they can do so by logging into their portals and make use of the online complaint raising facility. This enables ease of communication between the parents, teachers and administrators of the kindergarten school.

Importance of using the best education ERP software

In this way, kindergarten schools should make sure that they get the best school administration software installed so that it becomes easier to run the institution in a hassle-free manner. Parents should also make sure that they enrol their kids only into those kindergartens schools that use education ERP software, for the betterment of their child’s all-round development as an individual as well as for ensuring their safety and security.