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School Transport Management and UC-School Software

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Transport management in a school forms a very important part of the school’s overall management strategies. The transport management authorities of a school have the huge responsibility of making sure that the student is safely picked up and dropped to and from the school. When the child boards the bus to the school, the parents have no idea about the speed of the bus, at what time it reaches the school, and also whether the child has reached safely or not. All these issues prove to be a big source of worry to parents because they seldom get the full guarantee from the school about their child’s safety and protection. Also, the school finds it very difficult to provide assurance about it to the parents.

Such problems only arise when the school does not have online school management software like ‘UC-School’. UC-School has a module called ‘Transport management’ module. This module comes with features like live bus tracking facility, bus speed tracking, pick-up and drop notification to parents, complaint raising facility, and immediate notifications on bus delay, missed pick-up and drop, etc. which provide parents with an assurance of their child’s safety. The parents need to just login to their respective portals using the unique credentials given to them using their computers or by downloading the UC-School app on their mobiles in order to make use of this module.

These features of the transport management module of UC-School

Live Bus-tracking –

UC-School ERP software provides a GPS enabled bus-tracking facility, which enables the parents to keep track of the bus, thereby getting real-time information about their child’s location. This enables the parents to know whether the child has been safely dropped at the school and also at what time the bus would have reached.

best school management software 2018Tracking the speed of the bus –

Many times, the parents have a fear of how speed the school bus might be going, since it is not safe for children if the bus is being driven at a very high speed. This is where UC-School comes in handy, because it provides the unique feature of enabling the parents to monitor the speed of the bus as well, apart from tracking the location of the bus.

Pick-up and drop notification –

As soon as the bus reaches the school and the children have been taken to their classrooms, the parents will get immediate notification about the same on their portals of UC-School. After the classes are done for the day and it is time to drop the children to their homes, the parents will get a notification stating that the child is about to board the bus home. When the children get dropped at their homes, parents will also get another notification regarding this.

Complaint raising facility –

In case if the bus driver misbehaves or drives the bus very fast which might not be safe for children, the parents can immediately file a complaint to the school authorities using the UC-School ERP software. This helps in providing a quick solution to the grievances of the parents regarding the bus facility.

Other important transport related notifications –

There might be certain situations wherein the bus might breakdown due to technical reasons because of which the pick-up and drop of some students might be missed out or delayed as well. In such cases, using UC-School erp software, the school can send an immediate notification to the parents, so that they are informed about the same.

In this way, UC-School erp software ensures complete transparency and accountability in transport management, thereby providing assurance to the parents about the safety and protection of their children.