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How To Get Back To School After Lockdown – By UC-School ERP Software

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Lockdown has been challenging for many parents as they need to look after their children whether they are studying online or not and carry on their work too as they need to concentrate and manage both together while dealing with anxiety and worries about the pandemic. Similarly, when children return to school there may be challenges for students as suddenly, they might have to face new school rules, routines, classrooms, classmates, teachers, updated school ERP software functions according to the current pandemic situation and, in some cases, even new schools. There will also be challenges for a family to achieve and concentrate on this new transition to send their children back to school.

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Here are some tips as to how you can prepare your children to get back to school days:

1)  Adapting to the rules:

During the lockdown we have been told to stay at home, remain socially distant from others and wash our hands regularly. This means children may find it difficult to go back to school because it will be a huge change from what they have been asked to do during the pandemic. Talk with your child about ways they can stay safe at school, such as washing their hands before and after eating, and reassure them that the school is putting measures in place to keep them safe.

2)  Provide proper information:

Children need to know about the changes regarding class timing, the structure of the classroom, peer-group and playtime that have been made after the lockdown.  So, make sure that you tell your child all the details about the new school rules and provide some explanation as to why they need to adhere to them.

3)  Pack all the right things in the school bag :

If your child’s school is going to start, don’t forget to add all the PPE kits into the bag as instructed by the school management.

Make sure you have checked what they need, in order to make your child’s day easier. It is important to be aware that neither students nor the school staff are allowed to enter the school premises without PPE kits, as government guidance has outlined that not wearing PPE masks potentially adds to the risk of infection, rather than reducing it.

4)  But stay informed:

Given the social distancing rules, classes (or ‘bubbles’) of 15 mixed-age children may be asked to do different schoolwork than they are used to. This might prove to be a challenge for students and the teachers, since they need to cope up with new peers. Try to get regular information as to how this new classroom environment is progressing by contacting the school officials or by using school ERP software.

5) Don’t stress yourself:

There might be many problems that could arise regarding children experiencing ups and downs once they get back to school. Try to support them by not putting pressure on them and also make sure that they do their homework on time and at the same time adapt themselves to new school rules and procedures.

Keeping track of things becomes easier with School ERP software like UC-School, which enables educational institutions to get more data about how the students are performing together with regular interaction with all the stakeholders.

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