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How Social Networking helps the students in their overall development

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Social networking is seen by most of us as a means of entertainment and new method of socializing with people. Parents get worried a lot these days looking at the high level of addiction which their children have with social networking sites and apps. They feel that children do nothing on social media except chat with their friends, view videos and images, play games and do other unproductive things. But that is not true, since these same so-called ‘unproductive features’ of social media also prove to be beneficial in their overall development as well. It all depends in what way social media is used by the children.

  • Benefits of social networking

Social networking is considered as one of the best methods of interacting with people, without the need of meeting them in person, which reduces the gap of physical boundaries. It also helps in improving communication skills, being more tech savvy, learning new concepts in education and also in strengthening relationships with friends, parents and others.

There are many ways by which students can benefit from social networking, like –

  1. Interacting with like-minded peers

With the help of social networking sites, children can establish contact with people with whom they share similar interests and opinion on various topics. They can join various such groups, where they can learn different things by way of participating in healthy discussions in relation to the topics of their preferences.

  1. Improving communication skills

Social networking sites are very useful in developing excellent communication skills for students. This happens in the form of constant virtual interaction by way of sending and receiving instant messages, joining class-related webinars as well as doing video calls with friends, teachers and others which facilitates in improving vocabulary and boosting the confidence-level of students.

  1. Be more tech savvy

Students can be in touch with the technological changes happening in the world, by looking up information about latest developments which are shared on social networking sites. For example, as everybody knows, artificial intelligence is the latest and most trending technology. More advancement in this technology is regularly shared on social networking sites. Once the students get hold of the initial information about it, they can benefit a lot by doing more research on it and thus increasing their level of knowledge and awareness about the same.

  1. Contributes to their education

Some users of social networking sites who have a keen interest and knowledge in mathematics, science, history, geography and other subjects share tips, techniques and hacks which they know about these subjects. This will help students to have a clearer understanding of these subjects, thereby enabling them to get a good score in their exams.

  1. Strengthening relationships with people

It is a well-known fact that social networking sites help in improving relationships with people like parents, friends, peers, and others. This happens by way of being in touch with them on a regular basis on the virtual world by way of chatting with them, doing video calls, voice calls, etc.

  • School erp software and social networking

School erp software provides information of all the students and teachers in the class, which enables the students to be in touch with their classmates, by way of locating them on the social networking sites and having healthy discussions on the topics taught in the class. The students can also know who their teachers are with the help of school erp software and they can find them on the various social networking sites. They can ask doubts to the respective subject teachers and get them solved very quickly and effectively.

Hence, it is very essential to look at the benefits which social networking sites offer to the students. Social networking sites when used in a productive manner facilitate the students in their overall development and help them in their journey of becoming successful individuals.