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Importance of the Student-Parent Portal in a School Management Software

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The first question that every parent asks their children when they return home from school is,

“Hey dear, How was your day in the school?”.

This question reflects the level of involvement that the parents do have in their children’s education. All the parents want to engage in their children’s academic activities and want to observe their children’s educational progress very closely. Indeed, the parental guidance plays a very significant role in nurturing a student with high morals and in improving their children’s educational capabilities to a next level.

Need of a Student-Parent Portal in a School Management Software

In the current education system, It is the scenario in most of the schools that the students who sit in the middle and last row of the classroom cannot access the teacher as effectively as the students who sit in the first row. Though education is something you cannot confine it only with the schooling, the significance of education is being fed to the students at the schooling stage only. So, It is necessary to set a platform in the classroom in such a way that the each and every student in the classroom must be able to access the teachers easily and equally.

It has been a nightmare for the parents when it comes to actively involve in their children’s educational progress as well as for the students when it comes to accessing the teachers easily at any time.

Finally, The School ERP software is introduced with the ‘Student portal’ and the ‘Parent portal’ facility. These portals have come as an ultimate solution in the search of empowering the current education system and fulfilling the expectations of the parents and the students.

Advantages of the Student-Parent Portal

1) Solid Communication Facility

The  best school administration software would provide the parents and the students with a separate portal facility in order to keep them connected with the teachers at any time and from anywhere in the world.

On the one hand, it enables the parents to have a direct discussion with the teachers regarding their children’s overall progress in the school. The information such as a student’s academic skill, analytical skill, self-discipline, determination, self-confidence, decision-making skill, time management skill and his/her level of interest in participating in the extracurricular events can be shared between the teachers and the parents.

And on the other hand, it helps the students to get the necessary guidance from the respective teacher at the appropriate time. The students can be in touch with the teachers all the time and can get the needed inputs from them effectively.

2) Track Student’s Performance

The parent portal is brought into existence in the current education system for making the academic progress of a student transparent to the parents. Now, the parents need not rely on their children to know his/her performance in the schooling activities rather they can view and track the progress of their children in the school by directly accessing their attendance status, test scores, grades, feedback and can view his/her overall progress report online using the parent portal facility.

The best school administration software enables a student access his respective portal easily in order to view his assessment report, the marks he scored in the exam, the tasks he needs to accomplish, the qualities he needs to improve, the lessons he missed in the class and can see the forthcoming events of the school accurately.

The individual portal facility assists the students in measuring their own ability in the academic and the non-academic activities and it also supports the parents in understanding their kid’s strengths and weaknesses better in order to guide them efficiently.

3) Online Fee Payment Facility

The student-parent portal offers an easy way for the parents while paying the tuition and the other school-related payments. The school ERP software is a sophisticated and a top school management software which allows the parents to pay the fee online at any time and from anywhere in the world.

This system automatically updates the parents with the payment-related information in advance and which in turn helps the parents to pay the fee on time using the parent portal facility. This school erp system reduces the work of the parents to a higher extent and it gives a high security during the process of money transfer.

4) Instant Circular and Information Updating System

The top school management software sets a platform through which a school management can send a circular to the parents and to the students very effectively. The information regarding the parent-teacher meeting, examination, school events and holiday will be displayed on the dashboard of the respective student-parent portal. This system ensures that all the parents and the students to be updated with the necessary information without fail.


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