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Student Portal and UC-School Software

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All around the world, there has been a phenomenal rise in the number of schools. This increase in schools has happened mainly due to the rapid population growth. More number of students means more schools and this in turn increases the need for proper and efficient management of student-related data. Imagine how schools would manage the data of over one thousand students in a traditional, paper-based environment. The problems in various fields relevant to this that generally occur include –

  • More paper consumed
  • Viewing academic achievements
  • Giving feedback about the students or teachers
  • Time taken in gathering the data of any student required
  • Examination data
  • Sharing of documents to all students of a particular class

How does UC-School help in solving student related problems?

With the emergence of school management software, handling student data is now a very easy task. UC-School online school management software helps in complete automation of information required by students. This is extremely important in case of an institution where the number of students is huge.

UC-School provides a separate portal for students called ‘Student Portal’, using which students can effectively get information about their academic achievements, syllabus and subjects, documents shared by teachers, examination schedule as well as borrowed book details that is stored on the cloud, anytime, anywhere.  Students can also raise complaints on their portals. The features of student portal are explained in detail below –

  1. Academic achievements

With the help of UC-School online school management software, students can view academic achievements like their rank in the class, school or even in the state or country whenever they want to. The students can also check the documents of such achievements that would have been uploaded by the respective admin and/or teachers.

  1. View syllabus and subjects

Using this option provided by UC-School online school management software, students will be able to see the subjects that are taught for their class and section. The subjects which can be viewed by the students include the common and elective subjects taught for the section in particular.

  1. Documents shared by teachers

When there is no online school management software like UC-School, teachers will surely find it very difficult to share important documents like subject notes, previous year question papers, etc. to students. When school management software is used, teachers can easily upload such kind of documents and send it to the portals of all the students.

  1. Examination schedule

Students can now view the time-table of the examination by logging on to their respective student portals. Teachers need not have to go through the process of putting up the time-table on the notice board or even circulating them to all students of the class.

  1. Borrowed book details

Now there will be no need for students to worry about crossing the due date of returning books borrowed from the library since UC-School online school management software gives out information about it on the student’s portal.

     6. Complaint raising facility

With the help of UC-School online school management software, students can now file complaints against any factor of the school that they don’t like, using their portals. The complaints that they file will be sent to the admin or any teaching / non-teaching staff.

In this way, schools should take appropriate steps in bringing about online school management software like UC-School, which will benefit students in accessing the required information whenever they want to and wherever they are.