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Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Co-ordination – Role of UC-School

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It is the common scenario everywhere that in a school or in a college based environment, A teacher faces a number of difficulties from balancing all the needs of students to satisfying the different needs of administration. In the conventional classroom system, teachers can’t use the class hours effectively since they need to accomplish few repetitive and time-consuming administrative works before they start the lecture which diminishes the productivity of a teacher as well as the school administration.

The teaching staffs are not only the people in an educational institution facing such issues but also the backend/non-teaching staffs are facing the similar problems. Though it is the time where the technology has reached its peak, many educational institutions are still neglecting to take the help of the scientific tools to boost up the education standard and to deliver all their administrative tasks in a most effective way.

There are many tech tools involve and give tremendous support to the educational institutions around the globe in order to let the institutions provide a high-quality education to its students and also these platforms assist the student immensely by making the learning process easier and effective.

School management software is the lead one among the other tech tools while the UC-School is lead one among other school management software which infusing innovative ideas and provides high-end technology to the educational institutions in order to change the way of running an educational institution in a most efficient way.  UC-School, the best school management software helps the teaching and the non-teaching staffs in many ways and it coordinates them in order to let them deliver their works effectively. 

How does a school management software be handy to the teaching staffs in a school?

UC-School management software drives out all the administrative burden of a teaching staff that is from smartly managing the attendance of the students to making a high-end lesson planner for the benefit of the students. Here, we are going to enlist what are the other functions can be done using the top school management software and how does it coordinate the teaching staffs.

  • Balancing the different needs of student

UC-School is considered as a powerful tool for an educational institution since it offers a solid communication facility for the users and it connects a student and a teacher in a single and in a robust platform.

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Using the school management software system, a teacher can scrutinise the academic and the non-academic progress of an each and every student. A teacher can collaborate with the students more closely using our school ERP software so that the teacher can understand the needs of a student and can act accordingly in order to bring out a better performance from him/her.

  • Satisfying the needs of parents and the school administration

Our school information management system offers a facility to the teaching staffs that they can be connected with the administration and the parents of each and every student using the system. The teacher can be in touch with the parents and the school management by intimating them with reports of academic progress, attendance status, discipline and exam performance of a student.

The teachers can get inputs from the parents and from the school administration in order to boost up the academic performance of a student and they can act upon it accordingly and vice-versa. 

  • Handles the administrative works easily

The things that diminish the productivity of the teaching staffs are repetitive administrative works like preparing assessment report, giving assignments, taking student attendance, preparing model questions and distributing the same to the students, etc. The UC-School gives you a platform where all the administrative works which are related to the teaching staff can easily be done by the software system.

How does a school management software help to coordinate the non-academic staffs in a school/college based environment?

UC-School not only helps the academic staffs rather it has been configured in such a way that it supports and assists the back-end/non-academic staffs also in order to deliver their administrative tasks at their comfort level.

  • Finance management

UC-School provides a finance management facility where both, the incomes and expenses of an institution can be managed by the respective admin effortlessly and he/she can generate the report on the same periodically.

  • Managing hostel

The hostel admin can coordinate as well as systemise his administrative works like managing the hostel, managing the mess, allocating the rooms to the students and managing mess fees using the UC-School system and he can generate a detailed report every end of a month as well as every end of an academic year.

  • Dynamic report generation

UC-School avoids the traditional paper-based report generation method since the reports like assessment report, attendance report, incomes and expenses report, employee information, student information report, etc can be generated using the UC-software system and which increase the accountability so as the productivity of an institution. These reports help the staffs who handles the respective functions to manage the same easily as well as precisely.