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Importance of third party integrations in a school software

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School ERP software has become a part and parcel of running an educational institution in the most efficient possible manner. The reason for this being the use of resources that become optimized once school software comes into the picture. Some of the routine and non-activities of the schools that school software help in digitizing includes attendance, time-table, examination, fees, payroll, transportation and many more. In addition to these standard features being offered by all school management software, it is essential to provide the facility of third-party integrations.

Third-party integrations with school software

Third-party integration means adding the features of the school software with the software already being used for other functions by the educational institutions. This kind of feature will prove to be beneficial not just for the school software company, but also for the educational institution that adopts it.

This is because the school software need not has to provide the features that the institution already utilizes. The educational institution can carry on its daily activities with the help of the software that is being used by them for any given function and at the same time, they can easily assimilate the new features that the given school software will bring about.

Some of the best school ERP software not only must but should be ready to integrate their features with third-party software. The examples of such kind of third-party integrations include-

  1. Biometrics

With the help of bio-metric integration, students’ and teachers’ attendance can now be taken without a paper-based register. A manual attendance register is prone to many errors like manipulation and loss of data. These errors can be easily eliminated when school software offers bio-metric integration along with the attendance module to institutions.

  1. Accounting software

Most of the educational institutions might be having an accounting software for the purpose of managing all the financial transactions that occur. In order to avoid any chaos by bringing into effect a completely new accounting software, school software companies can integrate the accounting software that is currently being used by any given educational institution.

  1. Barcode

Librarians often find it very difficult to keep a track of books that are being issued and returned when they do it manually using registers. But when barcode is used for issuing books, then it will become very easy for them to track the issuance and return of books with precise details.

  1. Online payment gateway

Now that technology has covered every aspect of running an educational institution, it is high time that steps are taken to make the payment of fees digital by using online payment gateways. This will ensure faster payment of fees due to elimination of queues at fee counters in schools.

  1. Learning Management Systems

When school management software gets integrated with learning management system, this will result in assimilating and imparting technology-based learning in schools. Teachers and students would be immensely benefitted by way of improved academic standards due to LMS integration.

The best school administration software must be flexible enough in offering third-party integrations for the purpose of enhancing the features that they already have in their portfolio.