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Top Features to look for in College ERP software

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A college education is a next step in establishing stronger foundations for the basic skills that students learn in their pre-university education. The primary subjects that students opt for in pre-university education model include science, commerce and arts. Colleges, which are affiliated to universities, offer many courses which are linked to either of these subjects. For effectively managing these myriad courses, colleges need to make sure that they have college ERP software.

Features to look for in top college ERP software

Nowadays, colleges need to gear up with the emerging trends in technologies such as college ERP software. The following features need to be present in the college ERP software that the college is looking for –

1. Admission Management

Admission is one of the most important stages in running a higher educational institution like college, due to the fact that applications are received from numerous amounts of students for the various courses being offered. For ensuring smoother and hassle-free management of these functions in the admission process, colleges should look for the ‘Admission management’ feature in the ERP that they are looking for.

2. Course Management

The next step once the admissions get done is proper handling of each one of the courses that the institution provides in a much-organised manner. This can be ensured only through ERP software which has a module like ‘Course management’ for managing these courses easily and navigating for their details as and when required.

3. Employee and Student Management

With more courses comes an increasing number of students getting enrolled for each one of them. There are a number of teachers who are specialised in imparting knowledge catering to the contents given in the syllabus of these subjects. Colleges need to make sure that the college ERP software that they are looking for has separate modules for employees and students for centralising the data belonging to each one of these stakeholder categories.

4. Examination

Universities conduct semester examinations for various courses being provided to the students. The examination process of colleges needs to be as efficient as possible due to the fact that that these examinations are conducted by universities and there needs to be no error in any of the activities. This is where ERP software for colleges comes in handy which helps in ensuring that the details of each stage in the examination process are safely stored in a core database.

5. OBE module

OBE helps in assessing students’ performance, knowledge and skills through quizzes, solving puzzles, giving an online presentation, modelling something, taking up a multiple-choice assessment. A proficient Outcome Based Education maps at 5 different levels by aligning itself to the Bloom’s Taxonomy’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. This 5-level of mapping offers a level of control that is unprecedented.  It is high time that colleges look for ERP software with an ‘OBE module’ for easing out the OBE implementation process in the institutions having little to no experience in managing this teaching methodology.

In this way, higher educational institutions like colleges need to make sure that the college ERP software being chosen by them ticks all the features mentioned above. On the lookout for college ERP software? Get UC-School right now.

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