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UC-School – A Complete School Information Management Software

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Managing, recording and maintaining a school’s data is a very difficult task. A school’s data comprises information relating to all the students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff. Some of the important information which schools manage includes –

  • Student details (their profile, attendance, grade sheets, fee payment)
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff details (their profile, attendance, classes handled, payroll information)
  • Parent details (their names and the names of their children, contact information and other relevant details)
  • Library data (books issued and returned, fine amount)
  • Transport details (information about buses for different areas, students who have availed of the bus facility)
  • Notices and circulars, etc.

What is the perfect solution for reducing this complexity surrounding school information management?

Recording and maintaining the above-mentioned data of a school information management system is a very time-consuming and inefficient activity when it is done in a paper-based environment. Imagine the time and effort required in entering tons of data in a register manually and then the additional time involved in accessing this data from the dozens of registers.

This is where UC-School management software comes in handy since all the information of the different stakeholders of the school is maintained in an electronic format and stored on the cloud. This enables the users to access the required data anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the information stored on UC-School is very safe and has no chance of getting deleted or stolen by any third parties.

UC-School offers many benefits to the school for its information management in different aspects like-

  1. Electronic storage of information

Gone are the days when data had to be maintained in a paper-based format.

Using UC-School software, information of the students, parents, teaching as well as non-teaching staff is kept in an electronic format, that is, on the cloud. This information includes personal details, grade sheets, constantly updated fee/payroll data, student performance report, etc. For example, if the school wants information about the fee payment record of any student, then the administrative personnel have to just type in the name of the student and all the updated details will be in front of them within a matter of seconds. The parents are also sent notifications about the fee payment which is due and they can also download the receipt on the payment of fees from their portals.

  1. Easy access to the data

UC-School enables easy access to the data stored at just a single click of the mouse, as compared to going through the many books which have to be maintained in a paper-based environment. Since the data is stored on the cloud, it can be accessed by the users anytime and anywhere.

  1. Notices and circulars

In a paper-based environment, the notices and circulars issued by the school have to be either handed over to the students, parents and teachers in person or announced to all of them. Sometimes, the information might not reach the students, teachers or parents. Using UC-School, notices and circulars can be sent to all of them instantly and at the same time. This is very helpful in bridging the communication gap between parents and teachers.

  1. Seamless Library information management

There might be thousands of books stored in a library and keeping a record of them in a paper-based format is a very time-consuming activity. UC-School provides a seamless library information management system, which facilitates in keeping an electronic record of the books kept in the library. It also helps in quickly providing information about the books issued, books returned and fine to be paid for the late return of the books.

  1. Simple and Easy Attendance management

The attendance of the students can be easily taken in a digital format by using mobiles or tablets using UC-School management software. As soon as the teachers mark the attendance of the students, their attendance data gets immediately updated on the portals of the students, teachers and parents. This enables the parents to keep an eye on their child’s attendance status in order to make sure that there is no shortage of attendance.

  1. Transport details

Using UC-School’s transport management module, information about the school buses provided to and from the different areas where the students reside can be recorded and maintained easily. Also, if the student changes his/her address to some other place, then this information can be easily updated by the respective personnel.

  1. Parent management

UC-School provides a very unique module in its ERP software called ‘Parent management’. Maintaining parents’ records is very important in keeping a good level of communication between the teachers and parents. Parents will get information about their children’s attendance records, performance reports, fee payment details, class participation, certificates won, etc. all of which will enable the parents to keep a track of their children’s overall performance.

In this way, schools can easily and seamlessly manage information of all kinds by using UC-School management software.