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Virtual Classroom vs Real Classroom – What to choose?

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Many students and parents all over the world are thinking as to how further education is going to be provided by educational institutions, given the current coronavirus (COVID-19) circumstances. This is a question which has been looming in the minds of all leading education personnel and everybody is thinking of what could be the best possible solution to overcome this problem. A virtual classroom, especially in this period of COVID-19 pandemic, will prove to be especially useful to schools, colleges and universities in ensuring that the global lockdown does not stand in the way of providing quality education to students.

What do you mean by Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom is one the latest technological phenomenon that is gaining immense popularity by every passing day. If you are wondering as to what a virtual classroom is all about, then let us give you a brief info about the same. A virtual classroom is an online mode of conducting classes to students located anywhere across the globe. Such kind of online classrooms make use of tools such as video conferencing, digital whiteboard, live chat, online quiz and poll along with LMS (Learning Management System) together with school management software.

Now you must be wondering whether there is a virtual classroom solution that provides all these tools in one single integrated platform. To answer your question, YES! Some of the best school erp software providers such as UC-School have come up with ‘Virtual Classroom with LMS’ solution, which will surely solve all the current problems that the world of education is currently facing.  This kind of all-in-one integrated solution provided by UC-School’s Virtual Classroom solution, will result in a smooth and uninterrupted flow in the process of conducting regular day-to-day online classes.

What should you choose – A Virtual Classroom or a Real Classroom?

There are a certain number of advantages of Virtual Classroom that overpower those of a Real Classroom. Let us take a comparative look into how and why Virtual Classroom is the best option, according to the current scenario –

  1. Digital Whiteboard vs Physical Black Board/White Board

In a virtual classroom, teachers can make use of the digital whiteboard that comes in-built within the software to explain any particular point or subject in a better manner to all the students. Teachers can make use of their own devices like laptops or computers to use the digital whiteboard, which could be sanitized in order to ward off any germs. In case of a physical black/whiteboard, teachers may need to make use of markers or chalks to write anything on the board, which would not be a feasible option to opt for in this on-going coronavirus pandemic.

  1. E-books vs Physical Books

E-books, also known as electronic books are one of the most Eco-friendly ways of quickly and instantly providing access to the knowledge and content of books to students, regardless of their physical location. E-books are one of the best and most secure ways to store, manage and access books in a centralized manner. On the other hand, physical books take more time to get distributed among students, in addition to causing storage and accessibility problems.

  1. Online vs offline clarification of doubts

Virtual Classrooms provide one of the most centralized way of keeping track of the total number of queries and doubts asked by all the students. This is enabled by the live chat feature where the teachers can instantly interact with the students and clear all their doubts in no-time. They can also check into older chats to see if there have been any doubts remaining to be solved. Whereas in case of physical classrooms teachers try their best to address to all the students’ queries but it becomes difficult to keep track of all this data.

Now, your educational institution has all the more reason to opt for UC-School’s Virtual Classroom solution! Get in touch with our experts right NOW!

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