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What makes a School ERP best fit into the Indian schools?

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Technology has been a close associate of the human race since its inception. It has made our lives easier on a scale that was unprecedented in the past. We can venture out into the abyss of a new culture, tradition and system with a breeze thanks to technology. Why should the advent of technology be separated from education?what is school management software

School ERP and the Indian schools

Gap between Technology and Education?

Schools are the lighthouses of knowledge, the future of the country depends on good schooling. So is it right to spend time for any other factor other than sharing knowledge with the young minds?

  1. Is it right to spend tremendous time taking the same attendance every single day even though it doesn’t require any meticulous thinking?
  2. Is it right for the school management to spend time and resources trying to get to the documents of an older staff?
  3. Doesn’t the finest schools in the town demand the finest management software to best equip the students to face the challenges of the 21th century?
  4. Doesn’t the holistic approach to education involve the active participation and communication between the teachers and parents?

Why Enterprise Resource Planning?

Planning out the judicial use of resources at hand is as important as resource gathering.    – Anonymous

School Information Management System is an internet based software solution for the educational institutions. It enhances the productivity of the school system and ensures efficient and performance of the schools, students and management staff. As the Internet of Things expands the interest for software that incorporate the ever-advanced computerized gadgets with the cloud.

 Improves Efficiency and productivity

A good School Management Software can boost up the productivity of the students and teachers as well as the administrative department.  A good School Management Software is the key to building the finest institutions in this technology driven world.

  1. Communication is the key

The teachers need to communicate with the students. Parents need to communicate with the teachers. The school management needs to keep the parents updated.

  1. Shared Information

Details like Exam Dates and Results, Time- Table, Notices, Events, Fees and upcoming programs are to be shared and published so that no one is left out. The information needs to be available at hand and accessible to all.

  1. Staff Management and Administrative Processes

The Check in Details, Attendance, Public Suggestions, Library Books Management and Admin User Control are all quantum leaps in improving the quality and efficiency of the school as a whole.

The gap between technology and academy has to be bridged. But not with any mediocre software, but with the best school ERP Software. We promise to make the school more efficient and productive with a smart solution at the best rates and support staff.

What is school management software?

Necessity of Parent’s Engagement in Digital Schooling

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Even though the fundamental aim of education institutions do not change from imparting knowledge to the young minds: the methods have diversified since the beginning. Teachers are often mentioned as second mothers and schools as second homes.

The involvement of parents should not be limited to sending students to school and receiving them at the end of the day. But a parent is to be an integral part of the education process. This is exactly where technology wins big. No time in the past had the parents been so involved with the child’s education journey.

  1. All Informed and Updated

In this 21th century the necessity for information sharing has crossed the tipping point set in the last century. With unprecedented strides the media and technology has become an integral part of our lives. Parents need to be informed about the child’s exam dates and results along with his extracurricular performance. Teachers need to be aware of the parent’s concern in a particular subject.

  1. Holistic Approach

Parents and Teachers are no longer two distinct entities that support the cause for education but they need to work together to best develop a responsible global citizen. Children need to be aware of the positive trends of technology. It is not right to stop them from using the phone but parents should involve themselves in teaching the young minds the right approach to technology.

  1. Planning and Preparation

Parents need to be informed in advance the schedule for the mid-term exams or the next football match so that they can free up the time and enjoy the game with their family. Planning every term in advance will help the parents and teachers co-operate better in assisting the student in all ways possible.

All of the above is now possible with Online School Management Software.  The mere sense of the size of the schools across the globe will push for an amazing integrated school management software. Technology is magical, and the students need a positive technological example from their parents and teachers. It is now easier than ever to check the child’s complete performance at school with a tap on your mobile.

New Safety Guidelines needed in schools and a School Software

Safety is no longer an abstract concept surrounding the minds of the news listeners. But everyone is subject to the thought of safety and security from young students to working citizens.  Technology is not just used for assisting the improved efficiency of the school but it also helps in increasing the transparency in the education system. The audience can be school students to school management staff and all of their needs are catered to with a magic movement across the screen.

Alarming News!

It’s frequent to hear news about an accident or mishap at educational institutions now a days that it is not considered an important issue of discussion. It is better to prevent the problem rather than counter it with a solution. The importance of safety in schools is as important as knowledge imparted.

  1. The safety and security of the students at school and on the journey is a primary concern of both the parents and school management. Students need to have a free mind while studying and developing their talents.
  2. The location and attendance of both the students and teachers need to be recorded and analysed. This can not only improve the efficiency of the school as a whole but the security and safety of the students and staff members can also be ensured.
  3. Lack of communication between the teachers and students can affect the student’s education journey in a negative manner. Better communication ensures better approach to the problems the student faces. The holistic approach taken to the student’s education requires strong communication.

It’s high time we counter these problems and there is no better method than technology. While providing you with benefits like reduced work hours and ease of communication, an online school management software binds the whole project in a wrap of User Friendly Interface with the added benefit of security.

Technology in ensuring security:

  1. Latest Development in smartphones using IoT solutions can help track the exact location of the bus and ping the admin when the bus reaches its stops.
  2. The attendance and check in of the students and staff respectively will be monitored and the data will be available on the cloud
  3. The dates of events will be uploaded directly on the portal so that the parents and students can get credible information.
  4. An all-time accessible, user friendly and updated portal will help the students, teachers and parents be updated on the upcoming events, notices and dates.

With technology security and safety of the students and staff can be monitored and kept in check in with ease.


We believe the best products are made with love, strong determination and a sincerity to the work. When you purchase our school software, it is not the end of the line but the beginning of the journey. We will be with you throughout the journey supporting and providing you with the best support staff.


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