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How AI Will Transform The Education Sector

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Artificial Intelligence has brought about a rapid change in the way our day-to-day activities happen. This technology is present all around us and people are reaping benefits from it due to the immense level of precision and automation offered. Industrial, IT, health, construction, and many other sectors are utilizing the advantages offered by AI.

One such sector which is slowly adapting itself with the latest technologies is the education sector. The traditional methods of imparting education are now being replaced by latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc.

The importance of AI is now being felt by the educational sector since many routine and non-routine tasks which used to take a lot of time to happen, are now getting completed in a matter of seconds using AI-powered applications. With the help of AI, students can now get personalized education since teachers can spend more time explaining various concepts and skills to students by utilizing the time saved as a result of automation enabled by AI apps.

Role of AI in bringing about a change in education sector

Artificial Intelligence is bringing about a rapid change in the way education is being imparted to students. Many routine and non-routine administrative tasks, now backed by AI, are allowing educational institutions in reducing the time involved in completing them. With a computer and reliable internet connection, the need for students to attend physical classes gets eliminated thereby enabling them to access education anytime and anywhere.

The role of Artificial Intelligence is visible in the following set of activities –

  1. AI-powered books

The advent of e-learning has resulted in the increased popularity of digital textbooks, also known as electronic books. These e-books are created in a format which are visually appealing and incorporate a lot of attractive, engaging charts, pictures and diagrams, videos and online examinations which facilitate better retention of concepts being taught. When AI comes into the picture, these same e-books are further enhanced via customizing the content as per the syllabus for each course/grade and also age group of the students. This has resulted in a completely new learning environment, wherein the students can now learn better and understand fundamental concepts as per their cognitive abilities.

  1. Personalized learning

Personalized learning can open up new avenues of education since subjects can be customized according to how a maximum number of students in the class can grasp the respective syllabus content. But this kind of learning is very difficult to implement when there are more students in the class. This problem gets solved when AI comes into the picture, since course structuring, feedback mechanism and reporting becomes faster and regular with this amazing technology’s potential and speed. The gap between knowledge and concepts is bridged when AI-powered systems minutely track the performance and intellectual ability of students.

  1. Automated Routine Tasks

Teachers, in addition to conducting classes to their students, need to perform a number of routine tasks such as maintaining attendance, preparing reports, grading the answer sheets and homework, and sending in feedback about the students’ performance to parents. All these activities can now be automated with the help of AI, which can easily prepare, maintain and keep track of student performance, thereby providing teachers ample time to explain and teach students various subjects in a better way during the classroom sessions.

In this way, when AI is used to automate activities requiring long hours of manual work, then the students’ true potential can be brought out in the best possible manner with more personalization and regular monitoring enabled by the technology

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