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Benefits of Virtual Classroom Software

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The COVID-19 has brought about a standstill in the process of imparting education to billions of students across the globe. It has now become more of a challenge for educational institutions to regularize the daily activities like conducting classes, taking attendance, planning examinations, collecting fees, etc. For the purpose of ensuring that COVID-19 does not become a barrier in these activities, educational institutions need to adopt emerging technologies such as virtual classroom software and LMS (Learning Management system), in order to cope up with the new teaching environment.

What is Virtual Classroom Software?

Virtual classroom software enables educators to plan, organize and conduct online classes to students residing in different locations. With a virtual classroom software as powerful and all-inclusive as UC-LMS, teachers and students can interact with each other in real-time using the ‘Live Streaming feature’. It’s not just the ‘Live-Streaming’ feature which makes UC-LMS Virtual classroom software stand apart from other LMS vendors in the market. These other features include online exams and quizzes, report management, managing multiple courses, training content, study material upload and e-learning program.

How will UC-LMS Virtual Classroom Software benefit educational institutions?

There are many benefits which come along with UC-LMS Virtual Classroom software. Some of these super-amazing benefits include –

  1. Real-time interaction

With our Virtual Classroom Software, students and teachers can interact with each other on a real-time basis using the ‘Live Streaming’ feature. Teachers can clarify the student doubts and queries immediately, just like they would in a normal classroom environment.

  1. Conducting scheduled classes

Teachers can schedule classes using UC-LMS virtual classroom software. Students will get immediately notified about the scheduled classes and this reduces the effort involved by teachers to individually inform students using separate video conferencing apps.

  1. Adding lessons

Our virtual classroom software enables teachers to add lessons to the platform, in addition to providing the access to the same to students belonging to different grades. This results in transforming from a paper-based format of pedagogy to a completely paperless and digital environment.

  1. Use Virtual White board

Worried about how will you highlight things that you normally do using a physical blackboard or whiteboard? No need to worry about this now, since UC-LMS enables teachers to use a virtual whiteboard and whatever the teacher writes on his/her portal, it will be visible on the whiteboard of other students’ portals. It works just like a physical whiteboard!

  1. Online quiz and examination

The time has come for teachers to conduct online quizzes and examinations via UC-LMS Virtual Classroom software. This is due to the fact that it is still not known when schools or colleges are going to re-open. So, the best way forward would be not to disrupt the routine way of learning and conduct online examinations for students.

In this way, the best possible method for educational institutions to fight COVID-19 is to adopt software as amazing as UC-LMS Virtual Classroom Software for providing a hassle-free learning experience to students.


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