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How Could You Make Parents Satisfied with a School Management Software?

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As time changes, the expectations that the parents do have in schools have increased a lot.

The parents of 21st-century are looking for a school which would promise them, in their children’s safety, a good quality education, a happy environment in the classroom and most importantly it has to find the potential in their children and drives them accordingly in order to make them outstanding and self-reliant in the future.

It is reasonable, having such expectations on schools as the parents see technological advancement takes over everywhere in the world. They believe that the technological advancement will bring them a more fruitful benefit in the current education system beyond just registering for an admission in a school and paying tuition fee online.

Eventually, The School ERP software has introduced as an ultimate solution in the search of fulfilling the expectations of the parents.  It will bring numerous advantages to the parents and will make them say,

  “Oh Yes! This is the one we are exactly looking for”.

What is School ERP software?

School ERP software is often called as ‘SchoolMmanagement Software’ which manages front-end, back-end and business processes of a school organization and sets an effective platform for an enhanced interaction between students, parents and teachers.

Then, What is the definition of the ‘Best School Management Software’?

The best school management software is the one that is, just beyond the definition will make the users feel relaxed and untroubled while they are performing their tasks through it.

How can the school management software make the parents satisfied?

Yes! It is a million dollar question and it is not easy to make the parents satisfied when it comes to the education of their children. Many parents give first priority to the education of their children and thus they invest heavily in that as they believe the education is the only tool to make their children’s life shine in the future.

It is true to an extent that the education is something which lights up the wisdom of a student and helps him/her to lead a great life.

Though the education takes a big role in shaping the students’ future, the importance of education is being ignored by many students for frivolous reasons. Those are,

  1.  The lack of communication between students, teachers and parents
  2.  Parent’s unawareness about their children’s academic performances in the school.
  3.  The mental stress of teachers due to the administrative burden changes the atmosphere of the entire classroom into an unpleasant one.

It seems irrational when such trifling factors affect the students’ education immensely and make them unhinge when it comes to going school and attending classes. Which means, one unfavourable circumstance or a tiny carelessness of parents or else an unbalanced and a punitive teacher, is enough to make the students hate school.

Every parent wants their children with a cheerful face every morning when they go school and they wish their children to have a happy environment there. The school management ERP software is introduced in pursuance of ensuring such environment not just to the students but also to the teachers in order to keep them passionate and committed towards teaching as well as the parents in order to make them feel contented and transparent about their son/ daughter’s performance in both, academic and non-academic activities.

In simple words, The factors have been considered as a headache for the parents will go off completely or will be diminished to a higher extent if a school management includes the School software into their education system.

The Important features of the School ERP Software:


The school management software system configures a platform where the teachers, parents and the students will be connected in a row. Each and every performance of a student in the school will be updated to the respective parents through the sophisticated digital mediums (SMS/E-MAIL/MOBILE APP). The parents can interact the respective teachers personally regarding their children’s academic performance and can view his/her academic and non-academic progress through their mobile phone from anywhere in the world.


The school ERP allows a school management integrate a vehicle tracker, Biometric device, RFID device, and other with the software system and tracks the students’ move ON and OFF the school in order to ensure the better safety of a student.


In today’s busy parent schedule, it is quite unrealistic that parents visiting the school often to know their child’s academic performances. To overcome such issues the school administration ERP software provides the parents with an automatic assessment report generation facility. The respective parents can see their children’s performance in academic and non-academic activities using the school management software system.

Just imagine, If a father who is in the Army deployed at the northern end of the country can be able to see right at his mobile phone precisely, the each and every academic and non-academic progress of his only beloved daughter who is studying at the right opposite end of the country. Doesn’t it sound great?

The school ERP software has been brought into the system for making the above-said scenario possible.


The tasks such as attendance management, assignment management, homework management, exam management, syllabus planning and lesson planning are taken care by the teachers. These administrative works make the teachers tired and upset since such works are repetitive, paper-based and time consumable.

But now, the school ERP software takes the baton from the teachers when it comes to handling of such annoying administrative works and it accomplishes the tasks precisely. This keeps the teachers fresh and active in the classroom subsequently the teachers can make studying an easy and a convivial task for the students.

In a nutshell, The school ERP software perfectly handles all the irking school management tasks and supports the parents and the teachers in spreading knowledge, love and peace among students.

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