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School ERP Software – How Technology Helps to Build Strong Relationships in School

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A parent and a school have one common focus and goal that is the success of each child. An effective two way communication between families and schools is necessary for the success of a child. A positive parent – Teacher communication benefit parent, teacher as well as student. 

There is an urgent need to invest not only in a classroom technology, but also in technologies like cloud services that links the school and family to better enable parents to support their children’s learning, enable teachers to better engage parents in school activities, and connect families to resources that can improve their life prospects.

Not all parents have the time and ability to communicate effectively in their ward’s daily school progress. So a relationship building tool which allows parents to be a real partners in their student’s education. Emails, Newsletters, Phone calling, surveys, social medias are some technology based methods to keep parents involved in their child’s education. The best solution is Implementing powerful school ERP software that connects school to home and increase parent’s involvement in the academic process.

A top School ERP software enhances the collaboration between school and family. All the details of students and teachers will be available in this software and parents can monitor their child’s data and share their feedback to school anytime they want. Similarly teachers can communicate to parents when needed.

How a School ERP Software Help A Parent OR Guardian?

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Parents can receive notifications when the school fees are due and they can pay the fees online through the school ERP software. School management can send out important messages and event details to parents, teachers and students.


Attendance is marked automatically by the help of a school management system and sent notification to all parents whose children are absent. This make sure that parents are aware that their child is absent from school.


School ERP software provide GPS facility to track school transport, also recorded  as well as maintained all the details such as its route,time,capacity etc. This ensures the security of your child.


A school management system linked up school authority, teachers, students and parents, thereby build a strong school community by involving all in group discussions as well as other activities. Parents are to stay informed about what is happening in the school through online newsletters, circulars and message alerts. This streamlined communication system helps to save time spent in face to face meetings.

A good school ERP system increases transparency and reduces communication gaps among school authorities and parents and also plays a major role in strengthening the relationship among them, so that parents, teachers and administrators can actively work together.


Technology is advancing that makes our lives easier and that is why every school should implement school management software for the betterment of education and improvement of the relationship between school management, student and parents. School ERP software allows parents to be more informed about their ward’s academics, behavior and stay updated on school events. School management system provides facilities to access student’s complete details such as attendance, grades, and test scores, home work from home that helps a parent regularly keep track of his child’s performance and get in contact with the school or teacher when needed.

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