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How does a school software improve student performance and teaching quality?

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School management software has truly changed the perspective of the way how schools need to be managed these days. It is imperative for schools to adopt school management software because it will ensure in running the schools in an effective and seamless manner. Using school management software, schools can automate their various routine administrative and non-administrative activities like admission management; attendance management; HR and payroll management; student, parent and teacher management; homework management; transport management and many other activities.

Role of School management software in improving student performance and teaching quality

School management software provides a separate module for students which enable them to track their performance in their exams and class tests, non-academic performance and behaviour. Using analytics and other tools, school management software shows the subject wise and overall academic performance of the students, the data of which is entered by the teachers. Teachers can also submit their remarks on the students and send it to the portals of the students as well as the parents.

Students can also ask the teachers about the doubts which they have in the academic subjects by participating in the group discussions held by the respective subject teachers. Students can also submit feedback of the teaching staff based on the quality of teaching, level of understanding, the methodology of teaching and encouragement of class participation.  With the help of the feedback received from the students, teachers can improve the quality of their teaching.

Some of the ways in which school management software helps in improving student performance and teaching quality include –

#1. Assessment of academic performance

Students can view their academic performance details on their respective portals. Subject-wise, class wise and overall percentage which is automatically calculated by the software, can be seen and assessed by the student. Also, the software shows the rank of the student, which is calculated by doing a comparative analysis of the scores obtained by all the students of the class. This will surely help in motivating the students in scoring better in their exams.

#2. Easier solving of doubts

Regular online group discussions can be held on the portals of the students and teachers. These discussions can either be between teachers and students or between all the students of the class. These group discussions will be very helpful for students to get their doubts solved on time, without having the need to go to the classroom physically.

#3. Improving pedagogy (teaching)

Teachers have the option of viewing the feedback of their teaching methodology (also known as pedagogy) from the students. School management software provides a module called ‘syllabus and lesson planning’ using which the teachers can prudently plan which subject and what topics in each subject needs to be taught by them to the classes which they are assigned. By constantly keeping an eye on the feedback received from the students and planning the syllabus carefully, the teachers can focus on improving the way they explain the subject content and think of new and innovative methods to make the students understand the different subjects taught by them.

#4.  Maintaining the records of performance in extra-curricular activities

Many times, students seldom get to keep a record of their extra-curricular activities like sports, drama, debate, singing, dancing, etc. It is very important for students to participate and also share details of their achievements in extra-curricular activities to their parents and teachers. School management software ensures that information of such activities is stored securely and also communicated to the respective stakeholders like parents, students and teachers.

#5. Immersion of parents

With the help of school management software, parents will get regular updates about the performance of their children in the class. These performance assessments comprise details of academic and extra-curricular activities of the children, which is uploaded on the portals of the parents by the teachers. The teachers can send feedback of the child’s overall performance as well as behaviour in the class to the parents, who can view such information on their individual portals.

#6. Uploading important documents

Teachers can upload documents like the notes for the class taken for the day, homework or projects assigned, previous year important questions and marks cards. Students can get to download such important documents from their portals and they can thereby be constantly updated about any new changes happening on the academic front. Parents will also be sent notification of such document uploads on their portals.

The best school ERP software will have modules like examination management which facilitate the entering of marks of all subjects by the teachers, syllabus and lesson planning, document upload, parent portal, group discussion forum, and feedback portal. Schools should, therefore, make sure that they get hold of the best school ERP software, which will facilitate in improving the student performance and teaching quality.