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How the UC-School Streamlines the Library Management Processes?

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The UC-School is mainly configured for managing the academic, non-academic and business processes of a school/college administration. It is a complete school/college management software solution and it makes managing the administrative work of an each and every academic and non-academic department easier and that is the reason why it is being called as an all in one school management software system.

Though the UC-School software system has been inbuilt with many sophisticated features for managing different administrative works, the features we have configured with the library management module for managing the library of a school/college are commendable as those features will make the works of an admin who is responsible for managing library easy and effective.

The library management software module of the UC-School manages all the in-house library administrative activities that are from cataloguing a book to tracing the users who borrow the books from the library.

The important features of the UC-School’s library module,

Cataloguing of Books: The admin can add multiple books into the system and can store the books into a different group.

Since the UC-School provides ultimate cataloguing facility, the users can view an each and every detail of book like the author of the book, publisher of the book, the year the book published, number of available copies, etc.,

Barcode Integration: The UC-School, the best school management software system provides the school/college management with a barcode integration facility for managing their library-related works effectively.

The borrowing and returning of books can be automated with the barcode system and which helps the admin to easily track the users who are accessed the book from the library.

Accessing Library through the Mobile app: The users( the students and the teachers) will be provided with the unique credentials(username and password) for accessing the library module of the UC-School through the mobile app. So that the teachers and the students can search for a book and the other details through their mobile application itself.

Customizable System: The functioning flow of the library can differ from one educational institution to another. So, it is not possible to meet the requirement of each and every institution with a single ready-made software solution.

To avoid such issues, we have configured the UC-School software system in such a way that the system can be adapted/customised based on the requirement of the users. The customisation support we give to our customers for managing their library functions makes the software as the best library management software in the market.

Advanced book searching facility: The students and the teachers can search for a book in the library through their respective portal using their mobile or web application.

We have configured many filter options in the library module for the users to search for a book and get it easily and precisely.