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UC-School Mobile App

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School management software has brought about a huge revolution in the educational sector. Various stakeholders like parents, teachers, students and the management are reaping the advantages which are being provided by school management software. This is because of the many awesome features offered which include –

  • Admission management
  • Attendance management
  • Parent, teacher and student management
  • Syllabus management
  • Communication by way of SMS, E-mail.
  • Hostel management
  • Time-table
  • Examination and many more..

Most school management software companies provide their software only for computers. But not many offer this software on the mobile application platform. Nowadays, people want access to all important school-related information on their mobile phones. UC-School is one such school management software which offers most of the above mentioned core features in the form of a mobile application. This is very useful for all the stakeholders of a school to get immediate information whenever they require and wherever they are.

Some of the core benefits which UC-School mobile app provides to parents, students and teachers alike include –

  1. Communication

With the help of UC-School mobile app, parents, students and teachers will get instant notifications on their mobiles by way of SMS and e-mail which will be sent by the admin. This module is also useful in sending circulars to the students and/or parents by the teachers as well as the management.

  1. Attendance

Parents, as well as students, can now check the attendance status by using UC-School mobile app. Teachers can also take the attendance of the students on their mobiles by logging onto their portal on the app. Such kind of a school management software mobile application is highly useful in eliminating the use of paper-based attendance registers.

  1. Complaints

Raising complaints has now become a more smoother process with UC-School’s mobile app, which helps in bridging the communication gap between the various stakeholders of the school.  Teachers, parents and students can raise complaints on their respective portals and send it instantly to the required personnel as soon as possible.

  1. Lesson planner

Teachers can plan the syllabus of the various subjects to be taught to their classes on their school management software mobile application portals. This syllabus and lesson plan made by the teachers will be updated on the portals of the students, which will, in turn, be helpful for them in getting an idea of what will be taught in the class beforehand.

  1. Time-table

Time-table for the various classes will be prepared by the teachers and the same can be viewed by the students and parents on their school management software mobile application portals. Each and every student will find this kind of a portable class time-table really handy since now they don’t need to copy it down every single time there is a change in it.

  1. Examination

Parents and students can get examination related details anytime and anywhere using UC-School’s mobile app. Teachers can upload the grades and marks sheets of the students as well as the exam time-table with the help of UC-School’s school management software mobile app. Parents and students can view the same by logging on to their respective portals on their UC-School mobile applications.

In addition to the above mentioned modules, certain other modules provided by UC-School’s mobile application include student achievement, library, assignments, payslip, and many such inter-related features.