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UC-School : The Unique School Management Software – News & Updates

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Time has changed everything. Almost everything we grew up having in our classrooms is either replaced or upgraded into a more advanced and powerful equivalent. One example would be the blackboards and chalks being replaced by the Projectors and ppts. Except for the sticks used by our teachers, here the conventional methodology wins.

So, these technological interferences are continually welcomed in every component of the classroom. It is no surprise that there is a new way identified to organize and optimize the functioning of the school as an independent organization. A best school management software occupies its irreplaceable role to improvise the administration and the smooth operation of the School.

UC School ERP

The UC-School Software- A Unique School Management Software

The Conventional working model using paper, incorporated in the Schools has its own shortcomings. Not everything is optimized in the old school system. Considerable time and materials are wasted without being aware.

The time wasted in different forms like waiting for the meetings to commence, the book/note materials to get delivered, and for the update of the marks in the Progress cards could be put to proper use. A system which could minimize all these wasted times would improve the efficiency of the whole school admin system.

UC-School Software is the solution to fill the voids left by the conventional schooling methodology. With the continuous sync up with the existing schools, UC-school get its update so as to meet the problems faced by these schools. The UC-School being the Flagship product of the Unique Creations Software, has got a lot of work and energy put into it. UC-School is aimed to avoid the following main problems.

UC-school software helps in reducing the cost incurred in paper. From the files to the report cards, the major expense costed on paper could be cut. This is not only an economical problem but will help the schools go eco-friendly.

Automation helps to save a lot of working hours. The works which require a countable number of employees and their time which should be paid, could be done with ease using the UC-School. This not only help save money but will also give more precise work outputs, as computerized operations avoid human errors.

UC-school also helps reduce the time wasted for meetings. The well-organized communication system built in the UC-school aids the parents, the teachers and the administrator to work together without having to meet in person. This reduces a considerable face-to-face time.

Recent Major Updates:

The following are the new features which are incorporated in the latest update of our UC-School ERP software.

1. Language isn’t a problem anymore

Unique Creations is extending its support for UC-School to customize the default language. This help the users from every part of the world to use the School management software without any hindrance. The User can change the default language in the UC-School to enjoy using our sophisticated tool in their own Mother Tongues.

Stop worrying if you are not well versed in English or any other most spoken languages. No more translation from a foreign language is needed if you use UC-School.

2. Monthly/Weekly Scheduler

With the ability to schedule the classes and meetings online, scheduling the weekly and monthly meetings was never been this easy. The meeting schedules will be updated on the schedules of the concerned attendees. This helps keeping track of schedules and the meetings without wasting time.

3. Transfer Certificate Generation

There is an inbuilt feature to generate the Transfer Certificate for individual students when they are leaving the school. The format and the content of the Transfer Certificate could be altered in the Dashboard of the latest UC-School update.

4. Split Attendance (Morning/Afternoon)

There was always a problem for the staff/student at times, when a student is attending only half the working day. Whether to give or deny attendance for the full working day depends on the situation or the mood of the teacher.
The update has the Split attendance facility to mark the presence of the student in the first or the second half of the day. This not only helps the teacher to give the right attendance for the student, but also helps in tracking the attendance details in a more precise manner.

5. Group Notification

In case if a specific group of students and teachers needs to be updated about a happening or event, UC-School has the provision to create and manage groups. The members can be added and only the members of the specific group will be updated whatever is happening.

Multiple groups could be managed, and the notifications could be sent to the desired group. Students from different classes and divisions could also be put into a group and the needed information is passed on to the students. This applies for teachers as well as other staffs.

6. Synchronized Calendar (Weekday customization)

The calendar of any specific locality could be synchronized to the cloud. Since, there may be a variation in the days which are considered to be a weekday in certain countries, UC-School provides a likelihood to alter the days. The days which are allotted to be working day will automatically sync up and the calendar gets updated.

7. Customizable Reports

The reports generated from the software is highly customizable. The teachers and administrators could play with the different possibilities of creating and displaying the data in the various forms of the report. This helps to keep track of different types of reports which are meant for different purposes within the school management system.

8. Online Fee payment (Payment gateway integration)

This is the most wanted feature from a School management software. There were enquiries from the school for this possibility and so Unique Creations Software gave this upgrade to UC-school. Now the parents can do the fee payment for their son/daughter online without the need to be present in the school fee counter.

These details are updated in the cloud and so the parents and the administrator can get the updates directly on their smart phones or in their computers. The payment is made using one of the most trusted Payment gateways and, so they are secure.

UC-School will be a gift for those schools who are value and time oriented. With the continuous updates and improvement, UC-school is sure enough to serve almost all the purposes of the school and its departments as a complete online school management software in India & Abroad as well. UC-school could also be customized specifically for a specific school. UC-School will continue to improve.

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